Vintage Hammer Drill [Restoration]

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  • This tool restoration focused on the Rawlplug Mechanical Hammer. This tool is an early hand-cranked hammer drill from what I believe to be the 1950s based on components and design. The patent number on the body of the tool leads to this patent from 1932: The restoration process was fairly straight forward, but the internals of the drill were peened together, forcing me to restore them all as one piece. I decide to not paint all over the aluminum casting so the polished aluminum could shine. I don't like painting high wear areas so I also did not re-paint the chest plate black. The paint on the handle seems important enough to the original look of the tool that I did repaint that part. I am still not 100% sure how someone could quickly change drill bits on this tool as they have a tapered end that gets hammered into a tapered spindle making it very hard to remove. I am sure there is a tool or trick to it, but I am not sure what that is yet! In the end, the tool did do the job it was designed for, faster than by hand, but slower than a power drill. I'd like to thank Evapo-Rust for sponsoring this video. Wrenches are now for sale at Help secure more tools for future videos (if you want): Instagram: Facebook Group - Share your restorations Reddit - Share your restorations
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    ale gówno. Tą oliwką to sobie możesz dupe posmarować. W ogóle hujowe wszystko. Wypierdalaj z internetu

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    You really just pack a punched a hammer and drill

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    cod mystery box 1949 colorized

  • PainBlame
    PainBlame 1 gün önce

    not only did you restore it, but its also usable!

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    Tydroid628 1 gün önce

    Thing looks kinda like an MP40. Ze German engineering prevented it from rusting further.

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    What the 🤣🤣

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    перфоратор на минималках )))))))))

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    I've never seen that machine before👏

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    Hey! Where’s the vat of elbow grease? You must have a TON of it! :D

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    Old school OG

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    Damn that is cool as shit!

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    This drill is like a gun mini 14 gun because it's have a rod tail

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    hahaha putting poisonous irritant wax on a handheld

  • Joe Home
    Joe Home 3 gün önce

    All my tools are years old and are still brand new. I bought them to impress my wife but she still left me for the plumber. Should have fixed that dripping tap myself. Schmuck.

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    At 4:57, you possibly could have drilled out the rivet and replace it later. but idk

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    When you realise your watching Asmr Restoration

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    its so beautiful the way you taking care of this tool

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    Nice, new tool for next rusty opening

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    hey man i love your videos and id love to know where you get the tools for your projects

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    Most of the outer (i mean all of them) parts seems to be aluminum. So this Restoration is no big deal...

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    menos mal que las inventaron electricas...

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    I love your work but please when handeling chemicals or spraycans use proper gloves. It might not do anthing now but you can get pretty bad allergies after some time.

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    why is it sped up so fucking much! it is annoying to watch damnit

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    hey look it's that chest he butchered.

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    I could only make it five minutes in.. I hate sped up videos. Learn how to edit please.

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    unbelievable how useful this instrument actually is :). good job man!

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    that looks like the props from star wars V and maybe VI if i remember and video games.

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    I enjoyed this video

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    My dad had one something like this one and I used it in the 50's, the one he had said craftsman on the side. I grew up in the fifty's, wish times were still like it was then. Things went to hell about 1966 or so when integration started.

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    I guarantee you considered putting a clear coat on a hanger also lol

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    Are those left handed threads on the tensioner thumbscrew or is the video flipped?

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    Hey it’s the child coffin

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    10:05 ahh I see what you did there

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    Master Craftsman and struggling comedian.

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    Good job beautiful trésor