iPad Pro 2018 - Watch This BEFORE Buying!

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    ZONEofTECH 1 ay önce

    I'm re-doing my Instagram! Follow me @ZONEofTECH - https://www.instagram.com/zoneoftech/ for EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes content & teasers for upcoming videos! 😁

  • Julio Nieblas
    Julio Nieblas 16 saat önce

    I thought he was gonna draw a penis 😂

  • Luke Hartung
    Luke Hartung 1 gün önce

    that MacBook Pro wasn't space gray

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 4 gün önce

    Bezel is too thick. They should have matched the size of the older iPad Pro with the newer one instead of keeping it 12.9. I multitask plenty by splitting the screen. I use notability, emails, and photoshop and photo editing as well. I feel in landscape mode if the whole screen matched the whole length of the 2017 12.9 essentially having more screen and no bezel. But I’ll wait. It looks amazing but not enough to make the leap

  • MR. B
    MR. B 4 gün önce

    Buying my stepdaughter one for 🎅. She's going to college next year .

  • test868
    test868 5 gün önce

    I've watch a few of your (great) videos and I've eaten so many snacks (as per your instruction) I've gained 2 kilos of weight. Any tips on weight loss?

  • spooky jim
    spooky jim 5 gün önce

    I’m probably the wrong person to say this but it won’t replace a laptop but it can be close to a laptop, I could use google drive on it which feels like finder on my computer for uploading my assignments

  • Yomka Hassan
    Yomka Hassan 1 hafta önce

    I rather put 200 bucks more and buy a second hand Macbook Pro.

  • Shaco Turtle 420
    Shaco Turtle 420 1 hafta önce

    i love how they all sy its sounds like paper... no one wants noise of your pen hittibg a touch screen ffs

  • Kyla Unicorn
    Kyla Unicorn 1 hafta önce

    Anyone else rocking the 10.5 still?

  • Clinton Wood
    Clinton Wood 1 hafta önce

    I use Lightroom for Photo Editing and editing photos on a tablet is so much better than either desktops or laptops. In 2019 we’ll have Photoshop. In addition, battery life is so much better and the programs run so much faster on the iPad vs Laptop. Also, it is more comfortable sitting on the couch browsing email and the web with a tablet over a phone or laptop. I still need my laptop for advanced file management and some advanced photo manipulation features, but the iPad Pro can do 90% of what I want done on a better form factor and input. Any limitations are purely software, not hardware, and updates and new software releases are constantly happening.

    KABAOTTO EMULSION 1 hafta önce

    I just noticed ipad pro has Blackberry OS10 style home screen! I cannot wait to get one! And Paperlike too! Thanks for the different view! Everyone is saying ipad is good or better than notebook!

  • C. Fiddler
    C. Fiddler 1 hafta önce

    I too will hold off on another iPad until it achieve programmer’s functionality. Till then it is just another eye candy toy.

  • iphone xs max
    iphone xs max 2 hafta önce

    i buy it i will get this ipad 11inch this week

  • Cole Kuberg
    Cole Kuberg 2 hafta önce

    The iPad Pro (with accessories) will cost as much as a 13in MacBook Pro (cheapest model) which is worth it?

  • Jeffrey Larson
    Jeffrey Larson 2 hafta önce

    I’m really confused. Why do I NEED to watch this BEFORE buying? You give zero new info that I don’t know from Apples site, other than your huge ads for paperlike...

  • Gail D
    Gail D 2 hafta önce

    Just returned mine with faulty display.

  • aryan shyam
    aryan shyam 2 hafta önce

    I need portable photoshop i am lookimg foward to buy this,as an digital artist,i love apple pencil it cant replace asus rog neva ,a fulll fledged laptop can abviously do more ,as per my thinking jailbreak tweaks will do the trick in future

  • Sunkuma Fighter
    Sunkuma Fighter 2 hafta önce


  • Dawn Industries
    Dawn Industries 3 hafta önce

    What’s wrong with the sound?

  • Kartika Rahmawati
    Kartika Rahmawati 3 hafta önce

    I’m getting the paperlike screen protector thing first even I havent bought the ipad yet. Lol

  • JustNYC •
    JustNYC • 3 hafta önce

    No bend test!?

  • Frank Leal
    Frank Leal 3 hafta önce

    @zoneoftech I'm wondering if I can use the ipad pro 3rd gen as the sole screen for my mac mini? Maybe via astropad Luna display?

  • renzhi lin
    renzhi lin 3 hafta önce

    normally ipad pro drop more price than iphone, so i will wait 6 months to see the price, and tons of poweful apps are buliding for it but unfortunatery they need half or even one year more to set up, just now is not the time to buy it ,yeah its powerful but it has no apps for even 50 porcent power of it ,so it make no diferencia of ipad pro 2017 .

  • SlimSlitter
    SlimSlitter 3 hafta önce

    I wanna buy this but when the price drops. When do you think that will happen

  • Lutz H.
    Lutz H. 3 hafta önce

    Today at the office my boss gave me a 5GB Powerpoint on an USB-C Stick, I had some highly erotic feelings towards him cause we are one of the 1% of the company's of the world who actually use USB-C sticks. I told him no problem my A12X iPad can handle that with a breeze, Tim Cook himself told me that its faster than all your sucky laptops. Then I plugged it into my iPad Pro and started to cry. Real story bro.

  • Eddy La
    Eddy La 3 hafta önce

    I just need something portable n big enough to watch porn n iPad Pro is perfect for it!

  • meg_6689
    meg_6689 3 hafta önce

    Nice starting review of this, much appreciated. I agree 100% that this cannot replace a laptop, unfortunately mobile browsers still lack something to be desired compared to the regular laptop browsers and webpages, and it is simply not equipped to handle the amount of research and tabs I need up when conducting my research online. Thank you for the review!

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 3 hafta önce

    Ironically, but perhaps unsurprisingly, a tablet's viability as a laptop replacement seems to be inversely proportional to its user friendliness. The iPads Pro are at one end, Microsoft's Surface Pro is at the other; and Google's Pixel Slate is a middle ground with more "PC like" features than an iPad Pro, albeit less than the Surface Pro, but still more optimised for use as a tablet than the latter, even if not as slick as the former.

  • Phill Blake
    Phill Blake 3 hafta önce

    It will always still be a tablet😂 when will you guys get it

  • lawrence gatt
    lawrence gatt 4 hafta önce

    Love 💖 you’re Show

  • Bonzeroni
    Bonzeroni 4 hafta önce

    I’m planning on buying a 2018 iPad Pro for college. Handwriting notes and more accessible digital art will be great for me, as well as all the other paperless options. I’m far more digitally organized than I am physically organized, so paper gets everywhere. I bought a late 2012 iMac from a university surplus about 5 months ago (only slightly over $400) and upgraded it to 16 GB of RAM. I prefer working on a desktop for more serious computer work and I like the mobility of tablets more than laptops. So this is worth it to me, but not as a total computer replacement. I did survive using a Lenovo Tab 2A as my primary school device for about 2 years, so even using just an iPad Pro would be an upgrade. I think the iPad Pro is more practical for those that would use it in conjunction with a desktop and is maybe not the best option for people who prefer laptops.

  • Tim Welter
    Tim Welter 4 hafta önce

    If I was ever able to run the full Windows based Quicken (not the buggy mobile version) on my iPad, I would no longer need a laptop. It would need to run VMware Fusion or a similar program to provide Windows use.

  • Zachary Flowe
    Zachary Flowe 4 hafta önce

    Now just need Logic Pro to come to it and I’d be sold

  • Wolf Warren
    Wolf Warren 4 hafta önce

    I’m thinking that for sake of video editing and using the Smart Keyboard folio, it might be nice to use a bigger screen while editing. Or, if you’re a guy like Henny Tha Bizness, who does all of their music making and audio production on an iPad Pro, having the second screen to look at your sequencer and/or mixer window would be nice.

  • Rc Mc
    Rc Mc 4 hafta önce

    Lame. Title should have just said iPad Pro review. Apple sent you 2 new iPads and you give a half ass review.

  • Wibr _
    Wibr _ 4 hafta önce

    I’m a high school student and from what I’ve seen so far, this looks like a pretty good replacement for my shitty HP laptop. There will of course be a few obstacles in place due to having to connect to the school network (it’s hard to explain), but it really won’t pose much of an issue to my overall school performance. Alongside being a student, I also enjoy art quite a lot and I’ve been looking for ways to enter the medium of digital art! I’ve had a lot of issues getting use to other means of creating digital art and I was convinced that this wouldn’t be any better, but I was taken by surprise by how natural using the iPad Pro felt! I’d say this is a great tablet overall and a great indicator of the iPad’s future. Anyway, just my thoughts, hope this was helpful!

  • Kawii _desu
    Kawii _desu 4 hafta önce

    Does the smart-folio scratch your iPad's screen.
    Does it feel weird to hold it when you don't want to use the keyboard?

  • Ecco Deco
    Ecco Deco 4 hafta önce

    I’ve given my girlfriend my MacBook Air 2015 and ordered iPad Pro 11, I guess time will see

  • steve robinson
    steve robinson 4 hafta önce

    For me the new iPad will meet 95% of my computing needs. Def going to buy one. Just trying to decide between the 11 or 12.9 screen