We Made Our Own Custom Perfumes! (Beauty Trippin)

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  • Imogen Rawlings
    Imogen Rawlings 1 hafta önce

    Does the perfume lady remind anyone else of Julie Andrews? Just me? OK then!

  • Emma Spicer
    Emma Spicer 1 hafta önce

    They keep interrupting her and it's driving me nuts.

    TJ SPARKLE 1 hafta önce

    Erin didn't tell her her name yet she new it lol

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 3 hafta önce

    I wanna do thisssss

  • Sophiamarie 011
    Sophiamarie 011 1 ay önce

    * sprayed perfume in face and mouth*.... “ERIN”

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson 1 ay önce

    She is so proper. Did anyone else read this with an accent? Lol

  • Candy Magnet
    Candy Magnet 1 ay önce

    i was drinking water when erin names her perfume 😂

  • unknown persoj
    unknown persoj 1 ay önce

    When they walk in the lady goes to hug Lily and she rejects it with a handshake

  • Sz Tiffany zS
    Sz Tiffany zS 1 ay önce

    Seems a bit snobbish? 🤔

  • KristanGraceReads
    KristanGraceReads 1 ay önce

    I love that I actually learnt things in this episode 😊

  • The All Star Challenge

    6:56 @collins key it’s a fleeting fragrance a forward yeet

  • charleen hopkins
    charleen hopkins 2 ay önce

    cool yea sweet spice and heat

  • Kimberly Bravo
    Kimberly Bravo 2 ay önce

    If I ever go to NY I'm definitely going there!

  • Lmgera Naeava
    Lmgera Naeava 2 ay önce

    They got on the lady's nerves sooo BAD! LOL!

  • Catherine Pagulayan
    Catherine Pagulayan 2 ay önce

    I like that the celebrity list started with Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes...

  • Mackenzie Hill
    Mackenzie Hill 2 ay önce

    Did anybody else get a perfume ad?

  • Felicia louisiana girl

    This place was way to fancy

  • asmrshishtars
    asmrshishtars 3 ay önce

    it would suck if one of u had a stuffy nose that day

  • xTameliax
    xTameliax 3 ay önce

    ooo you girls should get hypnotised :O

  • Dalton Snyder
    Dalton Snyder 3 ay önce

    Wait, when you were talking about the musk part...isnt that kinda animal abuse or animal testing things?

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes 3 ay önce

    Ok I love Erin but sometimes she's so childish we can never get to the point of what someone's trying to say..

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios 3 ay önce

    Did anyone see the Ferrero chocolate on the table while taking the test?

  • Maria Silversken
    Maria Silversken 3 ay önce

    This was kind of embarrassing. Erin and Lilly belongs to a completely different world than this sophisticated lady. She was trying hard to share some of her knowledge, the least one can do is to pay attention, not interrupting her all the time and not laughing at wierd private jokes.

  • Yanin Echevarria
    Yanin Echevarria 3 ay önce

    Why don't you girls stfu and let the poor lady talk 😢😢😢😂😂😂💗💗💗💮

  • Pheriba Lopez
    Pheriba Lopez 3 ay önce

    I wonder what this New York high class woman thought of them acting all goofy... I would have been slightly embarrassed to act all goofy in front of that lady.

  • Chey Pepa
    Chey Pepa 3 ay önce

    “Apply the perfume where you’d want to be kissed, from the bottom up. So the ankles, in between the thighs...” 😂😂

  • christine kiroloss
    christine kiroloss 3 ay önce

    omg they kept cutting off the poor lady lol

  • Ldog Vlogs
    Ldog Vlogs 4 ay önce

    “It’s like a spicy flower 🌸 “

  • Kate Benik
    Kate Benik 4 ay önce

    Lol I don’t think the lady liked Erin😂😂😂

  • Anyoneupforfood?
    Anyoneupforfood? 4 ay önce

    Erin’s not letting the women finish her talking 😂

  • Christina Potter
    Christina Potter 4 ay önce

    the lady was so annoyed with the obnoxiousness you can tell lolll

  • person account
    person account 4 ay önce

    loving this smellavision

  • Noah Stevens
    Noah Stevens 4 ay önce

    The scentarium lady needs an ASMR channel

  • Nostalgiamaniac 0208

    Idk but I find that red head girl annoying asf.acting like a 12 year old

  • Tia Bush
    Tia Bush 5 ay önce

    Why didn’t they have coffee beans there?! They probably couldn’t smell the true smell after smelling all of them!!!

  • Burning Roses
    Burning Roses 5 ay önce

    What is the price range between each price tag? Because I feel like just how the owner was speaking added another.

  • Bailey Flatt
    Bailey Flatt 5 ay önce

    the ladies necklace kind of looks like the poop enjoy 💩

  • Megan Renee Daily
    Megan Renee Daily 5 ay önce

    Does anyone else think that when Jamie Fox took the quiz he chose himself as male icon 😂

  • Leyla Rustamova
    Leyla Rustamova 6 ay önce

    every time i hear the word "amber" i remember all the best perfumes in history. Then I remember the word "ambergris' and i remember that H2O just add water episode where Lewis got "ambergris" telling Zayn its made from whale poop and Nate got it making Cleo, Emma and Rikki fall for him instantly while other runaway from the stink

  • Leyla Rustamova
    Leyla Rustamova 6 ay önce

    I'd have so much trouble there because i love sooooo many scents, i would've left with at least 30 perfume bottles