Jordan​ and​ ​Lindsay’s - Contemporary - Dancing with the Stars

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  • Leah Scully
    Leah Scully 14 saat önce


  • Zonet Butterfield
    Zonet Butterfield 1 ay önce

    2005 was the year i was born


    Sweet Jordan! Inspirational

  • Jayee Asilo
    Jayee Asilo 1 ay önce

    What song is this?

  • Nice Superwoman
    Nice Superwoman 2 ay önce

    I like how jordan is not scared and he expresses his feeling in front of people because there is some guys that dont do that

  • Destini D loves anime

    This dance made me cry it was so beautiful

  • AJMags _03
    AJMags _03 3 ay önce


  • Tim Gwatney
    Tim Gwatney 3 ay önce

    Man, this gave me chills. I’m adopted too so I could relate, and I honestly broke down when Jordan did. Adoption is a gift, a blessing, and something that you can really thank someone enough for. Very amazing and emotional performance. I don’t even have words

  • Petkovic Tihana
    Petkovic Tihana 4 ay önce

    What a beautiful way to express his gratitude towards his loved ones. He seems like a really kind soul.

  • Mimi Smikle
    Mimi Smikle 4 ay önce

    Omg I’m gonna cry and this song is giving me chills

  • Yeet Or be yeeted
    Yeet Or be yeeted 4 ay önce

    Woah, I’m actually crying. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to relate to someone, but he’s one person who I can relate to

  • Des Vlogs
    Des Vlogs 5 ay önce

    I've never related to someone so much 😭❤️

  • Bella Marie
    Bella Marie 5 ay önce

    Does anyone know the designer of the outfit she is wearing???? It is beautiful

  • Angelica Hines
    Angelica Hines 6 ay önce

    Smol innocent Jordan...and I’m crying too😭😭

  • Asangba sungdok
    Asangba sungdok 6 ay önce

    Love you both # keep shining 🎆

  • Serenity Passion
    Serenity Passion 6 ay önce

    I don't even cry watching movies but his dedication to his mom and dad made me ugly cry

  • Starockstar
    Starockstar 6 ay önce

    Wow I didn't know all this happened to Jordan Fisher. But to be honest he has the best attitude and when I saw him preform at a concert he made everyone in the crowd have a smile stuck on their faces. Especially when he dances and later socializes with the crowd

  • Abigail Dold
    Abigail Dold 6 ay önce

    I lost it when you hear him cry 😭😭😭😭

  • Harriet Coppock
    Harriet Coppock 6 ay önce

    ♥️ always makes me cry! Stunning dance

  • camp man campbell
    camp man campbell 7 ay önce

    I have more in common with Jordan Fisher than I originally thought. My grandparents took me in not long after I was born, due to problems with my mum and dad. So I genuinely sympathise and know what love he feels for them. This was beautiful.

  • Lex E.
    Lex E. 7 ay önce

    Is anyone else at all surprised that Jordan can lift Lindsey as easily as he can? He doesn’t even look that much bigger than her lol

  • Luis Gustavo Borin
    Luis Gustavo Borin 7 ay önce

    So wonderful, Good job Jordan!

  • ooimadork
    ooimadork 7 ay önce

    Now I feel sad for not crying and getting emotional.

  • aidha nhdy
    aidha nhdy 8 ay önce

    Who put oninond here

    JENNIFER HUYNH 8 ay önce

    He was adopted by his grandparents because his biological mom struggle with substance abuse.

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 8 ay önce

    I went to Hamilton in ny and actually met him there and it was even cooler because he was in Hamilton and he came to see it

  • Asude
    Asude 8 ay önce

    Alicam yalnz ben skegsjwj

  • Bridgette Hope
    Bridgette Hope 8 ay önce

    My faaaaave 💕💕💕

  • Addie Beardsley
    Addie Beardsley 9 ay önce

    He should have got perfect 10s on every dance.

  • Colette Mallory
    Colette Mallory 9 ay önce


  • Sunflowers And roses


  • Kenny Fritz
    Kenny Fritz 9 ay önce

    Your my favorite dance caple on dwts and I think you are going to win❤️💗🌺🦄💩😍I love you so much

  • Ana Gabrielle Russell Avila


  • Addie Beardsley
    Addie Beardsley 9 ay önce

    This dance was awesome

  • Jordan R Adams
    Jordan R Adams 10 ay önce

    Jordan and Lindsay is the best contemporary dance ever! It was very upset.😂

  • challenge accepted
    challenge accepted 10 ay önce

    2:48 she kinda reminded me of a fish 🐟

  • Dream Catcher
    Dream Catcher 11 ay önce

    It made me cry

  • marie carolynn
    marie carolynn 11 ay önce

    I love this music, loving the beats.

  • Audrey Herondale
    Audrey Herondale 11 ay önce

    absolutely beautiful.

  • Abigail Dold
    Abigail Dold 11 ay önce

    You can hear him crying when he's hugging his parents 😭❤️😭❤️