Jordan​ and​ ​Lindsay’s - Iconic Dance - Dancing with the Stars

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  • KitKat iiCaptainKrunch
    KitKat iiCaptainKrunch 3 hafta önce

    Jordan already had dance experience he was in Teen Beach and danced A LOT there and was on liv and Maddie and sang in a episode. This guy can sing dance and act

  • Gias Mommy
    Gias Mommy 1 ay önce


  • Fred Tatasciore
    Fred Tatasciore 1 ay önce


  • Lo
    Lo 1 ay önce

    He’s amazing of course, but another thing is that he ALWAYS LEADS. A lot of male dancers have been great but their partners have to lead them. Jordan led Lindsay Every. Single. Time.

  • B Goins
    B Goins 1 ay önce

    Has she ever not had a decent male partner? Lol

  • Lindsey M
    Lindsey M 1 ay önce

    god they were so incredible i‘m in love with them both lmao

    MGTOW PLANET 1 ay önce

    Came here wanting to see how the heck Jordan could have beaten Frankie, leaving here with my head down!

  • Scott Newcombe
    Scott Newcombe 2 ay önce

    The best male dancer this show has ever had. Hands down!

  • Jessica Franklin
    Jessica Franklin 2 ay önce

    Who's the professional? #🔥

  • Kyla Howard
    Kyla Howard 2 ay önce

    I knew he was going to win. Love you Holden I mean Jordan

  • Barbara Field
    Barbara Field 2 ay önce


  • mlc HC
    mlc HC 3 ay önce

    This was good but there is no way this can top or even. come remotely close to Mark & Paige’s best original ,both choreography& performance

  • sophia mc
    sophia mc 3 ay önce

    That was amazing

  • Grania Christyani
    Grania Christyani 4 ay önce


  • 13rinslet
    13rinslet 4 ay önce

    What a beautiful dance!
    *looks at the heels * I can't even walk in them

  • TalkingTaTa Talks
    TalkingTaTa Talks 4 ay önce

    They did Amazing😃☺😎😌😊👍

  • Deborah William
    Deborah William 4 ay önce

    He's a good dancer i just couldn't get pass the gayness, every time he dance look like two women dancing, it is what it is yes I said it

  • Craig B
    Craig B 5 ay önce

    garbage. Mark and Paige was so much better than this crap.

  • Angel D365
    Angel D365 5 ay önce

    Has to be my fav dance along with the one mi gente

  • Soraya Esfandiary
    Soraya Esfandiary 5 ay önce

    I watch Dancing with the stars to see the Pros dance, but this time I couldn't take my eyes off Jordan.

  • Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC

    Was amazing but very similar to a Derek and Julianne performance from what I remember

  • Kacie Remata
    Kacie Remata 6 ay önce

    I've been seen 11 Disney Channel Stars in Dancing With the Stars.

    Disney Stars
    1. Monique Coleman (High School Musical)
    2. Billy Ray Cyrus (Hannah Montana)
    3. Sabrina Bryan (The Cheetah Girls)
    4. Cody Linley (Hannah Montana)
    5. Chelsea Kane (Jonas)
    6. Kyle Massey (That's So Raven & Cory in the House)
    7. Roshon Fegan (Camp Rock & Shake It Up)
    8. Zendaya (Shake It Up & KC Undercover)
    9. Corbin Bleu (High School Musical)
    10. Jake T. Austin (Wizard of Waverly Place)
    11. Jordan Fisher (Teen Beach Movie)

  • ADI Channel
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  • Drumcat Fano
    Drumcat Fano 6 ay önce

    Lindsay and Jordan outdid Mark and Paige.This was perfecton.This guy deserved to win that trouphy.He was insane to watch.I loved all their dances

  • Laura Cabral
    Laura Cabral 6 ay önce

    best couple of DWTS

  • tony parsons
    tony parsons 6 ay önce

    Tina would be proud & she can still dance

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 7 ay önce

    Did they win?

  • Sister Love
    Sister Love 7 ay önce

    Uuummm how did her hair stayed so perfect

  • Clarissa Hinshaw
    Clarissa Hinshaw 7 ay önce

    Best. Jive. Ever!!!!!

  • awakened_link
    awakened_link 7 ay önce

    0:51-0:55 bit is so mesmerizing... I can't stop watching it!!

  • Deniz Aş
    Deniz Aş 7 ay önce

    What the song's name

  • Cora Cowan
    Cora Cowan 8 ay önce

    He looks like he belongs on the dance floor

  • Kov4zeL
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  • Veronica Rubin
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  • Emerson Lins
    Emerson Lins 8 ay önce

    Esse cara não existe!!!
    Quando começará a próxima temporada?

  • Tammie Richardson
    Tammie Richardson 8 ay önce

    Jordan out did Mark Ballas on this one.

  • TakeMetoW0nderland
    TakeMetoW0nderland 9 ay önce

    Is anyone slightly MORe impressed with the double cartwheel since Lindsey isn't an MMA fighter? LIke yes she has to be in great physical condition, but not exactly the same. 0_o Get it girl!

  • Shermin Charles
    Shermin Charles 9 ay önce


  • Callie Johnson
    Callie Johnson 10 ay önce

    I love this video mark and Paige was go but this on is better I love the Ariel

  • Kathleen Sullivan
    Kathleen Sullivan 10 ay önce

    Gosh that dance was unreal. So difficult and amazing