Food Hacks You NEVER Knew About!

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    Great video

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    Youre cool roi

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    Guavs we are watching you even at school we always sneek the cellphone at school

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    the bananas have ethylene in them to make the ttoes ripe

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    The science behind it is.....


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    Do you peal the onion

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    I am so shocked for the hacks

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    Lol a lemon

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    Guava try milk with soda its good

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    I know this has nothing to do with the video, but his profile pic us pretty cute with those big eyes and that smile :>>>

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    Iloveyou Guava Juice 😊 still watching 2019 ? Hands up ✋
    Ps:Guava Juice You Really Inpire me 😔💕 Please Notice me im ur number 1 Pan 😆

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    Some of them aren't really hacks

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    5:40 im dying😂

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    That's from 5 minutes craft!!!!

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    Did u know that Red Bull is from bull pee

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    I never knew the lemon one actually works try it out

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    That’s so cool guava juice🤭

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    Liked and subscribed your my best friend

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    Ok, tell you There a thing in the banana that makes banana ripe

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    Banana produces ethylene gas, a highly flammable gas that affects the ripening of a banana. Same goes with an apple. But banana produces more ethylene gas so balsjshalajakalalasla.

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    It's SOO fluffy

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    I love your Chanel

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    Why does a lemon make a Rolex. If they did why are they like $15,000!!! LMAO

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    the watermelon looks gummy

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    Its because bananas has a lot of vitamin A B andC