I Tried an Unnatural Pregnancy

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  • For the majority of couples, having your own child and sharing those special moments becoming a parent is the ultimate happiness. But what if you or your partner only had a 6% chance of having your own baby, what would you do and how far would you go to chase that happiness? To the majority of us, getting pregnant and having own child would bring the most joy and excitement. For others, it's the last thing on their minds busy with their advancing careers until finally wanting one, but being too late. When this happens, IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, is the go-to medical procedure to better your chances at pregnancy. Just like normal pregnancy, IVF is not 100% and can take many tries until you're able to get pregnant. Many times, the procedure does not work, or it does and complications arise from the pregnancy resulting in a failed IVF. It may seem easy to try again, but for some, the mental and physical rollercoaster in being hopeful to have your own child to not can hurt more than coming to terms and realizing, it just wasn't meant to be. If you are unable to have your own child, it's okay. You're not alone in this matter and although you may feel like you'll never be a parent, that simply isn't true. Being a parent is much more than just having your own child. A parent is someone who is able to teach, care, and share experiences with a child - whether yours or not. You can always enjoy the company of others' children and become the cool auntie that every child looks forward to. For those who feel the same, don't worry. Life works in such mysterious and unknowable ways. At times, we could care less at what's in front of us only to look back and want that now. In the end, enjoying every moment you've been given and appreciating every opportunity we have is the best part of life. thank you very much for watching our videos. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! We are Minutevideos. :)
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  • Noelle Pack
    Noelle Pack 1 saat önce

    after my sister and brother got into a car crash that killed them both, my mom got pregnant with twins. She had a miscarriage. She had a 4% chance of getting pregnant, so she called my aunt, and had her donate an egg. I was almost lost, but here I am :)

  • Beatriz Lopez
    Beatriz Lopez 2 saat önce

    Or u could have adopted some one and given a small child the family and love that they lack

  • Mack_AJ
    Mack_AJ 4 saat önce

    Is anyone else sitting here like "try again dammit "

  • Freddy Teddy Studio
    Freddy Teddy Studio 4 saat önce

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Most of these comments are about adoption
    and thats true

  • StillOffIntoTheNight Gacha

    Its sad to see people abuse and regret their kids, and here people like you are trying to have a baby and can't make it

  • Analise Escobar
    Analise Escobar 9 saat önce


  • Silent Royale
    Silent Royale 9 saat önce


  • Willby15 is back
    Willby15 is back 10 saat önce

    You could adopt really did you not think about that

  • Ines Colella
    Ines Colella 14 saat önce

    U could adopt

  • Rosie Rose
    Rosie Rose 15 saat önce

    I really had hoped she would do the third one maybe she would’ve had a baby who knows it’s still heartbreaking and I didn’t even experience it

  • Tiacorn !!!
    Tiacorn !!! 21 saat önce

    I was really hard to conceive the natural way and after many IVFs and attempts at a natural I was eventually born naturally then my little brother was born 2 years later as a IVF baby nearly dying and my brother nearly dying too, she needed 6 blood donors but both lived and now I have a little shit bullying a me and annoying me thanks mum

  • Grace Blight
    Grace Blight 22 saat önce

    My mother had 4 misscarrages
    On her first childs birth it came out purple it had no air it.
    The doctors rushed to keep it alive.

    and here i am today. :)

  • royal princess
    royal princess 23 saat önce

    I wish I could give you my fertility I don't want it

  • Nola Louise Bachemin
    Nola Louise Bachemin 1 gün önce


  • The_unicorn_ 102
    The_unicorn_ 102 1 gün önce


  • London Mickens
    London Mickens 1 gün önce

    Tbh ya could have just adopted

  • JoRdEn GaRcIa
    JoRdEn GaRcIa 1 gün önce

    It’s called Adoption.


  • Alex Rumlover
    Alex Rumlover 1 gün önce

    Adoption who? I mean seriously. ADOPTION

  • annas animals
    annas animals 1 gün önce

    ......adoption is a good idea gurl😑
    And definitely less painful😅
    And you can adopt a child from many ages 😁
    And looks at their amazing personality to see which one fits you😊
    But the toys would still be as pricey😒
    But who cares its your choice to be a mother and you need to learn how to handle being a mom (you will be an amazing mom) 😄

  • Emme Marler
    Emme Marler 1 gün önce

    What about adopting

  • Emily
    Emily 2 gün önce

    Society needs to stop placing the worth of women and marriage on procreation, and maybe this won't be so grievous to so many people. You don't need children to be happy or live a full life. Pronatalism tears people apart.

  • Itz Potato :3
    Itz Potato :3 2 gün önce

    Maybe adoption?????? But this was just sad..

  • Mochiccake •
    Mochiccake • 2 gün önce

    Awww I hope they get a baby...And if any couple out there is going through the same thing too, I hope y’all get your precious angel as well.

  • Max Well
    Max Well 2 gün önce


  • Abby’s Pokémon Adventure

    You know there is adopting

  • Sienna Herohorse
    Sienna Herohorse 2 gün önce

    My sister is infertile due to strong drugs when 8. She got bad blood poisoning and the treatment left her infirtile. If she wanted a child I am will to donate some of my eggs for her but both of us want to adopt.

  • mis aim
    mis aim 2 gün önce

    Im an ivf baby . I’m perfectly healthy and I’m having a great life I am so happy that my mum was impatient 😂😂 .... my sister was natural she was the proof that my mum didn’t need ivf

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez
    Elizabeth Gonzalez 2 gün önce

    I like how my mom always says " if I didn't have kids I'd travel " and I see this video and makes me think about life 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lunar Potato
    Lunar Potato 2 gün önce

    Adoption ? I know it's not your method you want but it can change your life and the adopted child's so consider it..

  • Shalom Moshe
    Shalom Moshe 3 gün önce

    What about adoption?

  • Sydney Sanders
    Sydney Sanders 3 gün önce

    My Mother had six mis carriages before my brother was born then thirteen years after, I'm born and I always wondered what it would be like if those babies who had passed were born ^^

  • ProDragoon7
    ProDragoon7 3 gün önce

    IVF seems strange

  • Olivia Hood
    Olivia Hood 3 gün önce

    You do know you can adopt

  • •Rose Edits•
    •Rose Edits• 3 gün önce

    Did this lady ever hear of...


  • Julie Eitschberger
    Julie Eitschberger 3 gün önce

    Why didn't you just adopt a baby?

  • Ángel&Dévil MSP
    Ángel&Dévil MSP 3 gün önce

    You could get a surrogate?

  • Jessica Utley
    Jessica Utley 3 gün önce

    Why not adopt🤔

  • Isa Silence
    Isa Silence 3 gün önce


  • That One Evil Potato
    That One Evil Potato 3 gün önce

    It's weird to think some could have... idk cancer and smile everyday and then im over here balling cuz i stubbed my toe

  • Synik q̸
    Synik q̸ 3 gün önce

    Adaption is a good way