Pilot, air traffic controller argue over landing

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  • Monica Quezada
    Monica Quezada 6 gün önce

    Does not sound like an argument

  • I like Planes
    I like Planes 1 hafta önce

    Where's the argument? All I hear is a standard conversation. The pilot was just nervous, no argument at all. Clickbait as always.

  • JOE Bozza
    JOE Bozza 2 hafta önce

    WTF..That wasn’t arguing...I want a Refund.

  • CaLxRoyalty
    CaLxRoyalty 2 hafta önce

    Running out of fuel on a plane is much different than running out of fuel in a car. If the pilots said they only have 3-4 minutes left of fuel then the controller should clear the runway for immediate approach emergency or no emergency. Then again the pilots and plane company should know to have more than enough fuel for situations like this

  • Sonny Burnett
    Sonny Burnett 2 hafta önce

    This is typical Leftwing CBS News. Now imagine what they’ve been telling us about politics? All true I’m sure!

  • RetroW
    RetroW 3 hafta önce


  • John
    John 4 hafta önce

    not in any world is this an argument lol

  • 02Nawal
    02Nawal 4 hafta önce

    Ghetto allegiant air

  • Alex White
    Alex White 1 ay önce

    God, once again the news loves to over state or over react events. Like here in Florida when hurricane irma made landfall in Naples it was "south Florida cleaning up aftermath of powerful hurricane irma leaving a trail of destruction everywhere". Not saying there was not damage and this is excluding the keys btw but naples on up besides fallen trees, some power lines and roofing damage on some homes there was no major structural building failures like you see with Michael.

  • Povilas Kaminskas
    Povilas Kaminskas 1 ay önce

    What plane is that??

    CHRIS RYAN 1 ay önce

    What a joke. All the pilot had to do was declare the emergency but he didn't want to because then there would be a record that that pilot departed without the required fuel. Controller was completely professional.

  • D A
    D A 1 ay önce

    What part exactly doesn't ATC understand? Pilot is telling them no fuel. The company decides how much fuel, not the pilot. How is the plane supposed to go 70 more miles? Kudos to this pilot! ATC controllk er should have started emergecy coordinates immediarely. Hope he''s no longer in the aviation industry.

  • Gloria Gaddis
    Gloria Gaddis 1 ay önce

    I did not hear an argument. Stupid. Slow news day at CBS.

  • Dana Cowles
    Dana Cowles 1 ay önce

    This is sloppy news and dangerous. The pilots and air traffic control both followed appropriate communications and procedures. Pilots are already hesitant to invoke emergency procedures and accidents have happened when they don’t. To elevate this story to cause alarm is dangerous to both the industry and the flying public

  • Fyodor48
    Fyodor48 1 ay önce


  • white zebra
    white zebra 1 ay önce

    The controller and tower chief were not going to let plane in till he declared an emergency!! One tarnish on captains records

  • Juan Carlos Perez
    Juan Carlos Perez 1 ay önce

    Oh my gosh... Kris Van Cleave... please drink some espresso or take something with some heavy duty caffeine - gadzooks, man... you sound like you're about to fall asleep

  • T Voss
    T Voss 1 ay önce

    Arguing? Fake news.

  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong 1 ay önce

    Bad title on this....No argument. Thumbs down....

  • A A
    A A 1 ay önce

    They should fight behind the hanger

  • xoen6
    xoen6 2 ay önce

    wtf? I mean, WTF? I don't have 20 mins of fuel left, wtf is wrong with control tower?

  • William Bamber
    William Bamber 2 ay önce

    “Some tense moments indeed “ she said. No shame for trying to upset air travelers. Fake news.

  • Dani Morrow
    Dani Morrow 2 ay önce

    air traffic control: and uh

    pilot: and uh

  • My Name
    My Name 2 ay önce

    Hardly an argument.

  • Charles Long
    Charles Long 2 ay önce

    Typically the flights have at least an hour of extra fuel. I’m a pilot. I’ve even had 2 hours of extra fuel. 45 minutes is FAA rules, but that’s a super minimum.

  • Doogle Ticker
    Doogle Ticker 2 ay önce

    Cuh lick bate...

  • Jimson brown
    Jimson brown 2 ay önce

    Cbs.....what a joke.

  • Alvonte Rogers
    Alvonte Rogers 2 ay önce

    Allegiant is a disaster waiting to happen, never fly them. They are valuejet which crashed in the everglades

  • Jada Cole
    Jada Cole 2 ay önce

    They just wanted a story, bs

  • Northy
    Northy 2 ay önce

    WOW !!!! Some argument.

  • Brian Manthey
    Brian Manthey 2 ay önce

    no argument I've heard CBS fake news

  • germany doich
    germany doich 2 ay önce


  • The Adventures Of ButterBall The Opossum !

    All the news is these days is a distraction. Their job is to make angry,afraid and paranoid so Corporations and politicians can operate with impunity. Real journalism is incredibly rare. NPR is all we have left

  • The Gaming Dingo
    The Gaming Dingo 2 ay önce


  • Blackpool automotive Mercedes specialist

    Argument? stupid airline putting passengers lives at risk with 3mins fuel?

  • Haleiwa Steve
    Haleiwa Steve 2 ay önce

    Clickbait - there was no argument.

  • greenbeagle13
    greenbeagle13 2 ay önce

    Allegeiant - nope, no way.....

  • Phil Rudd
    Phil Rudd 2 ay önce

    That was not an argument. Or did I miss something.

  • Lidell Simpson
    Lidell Simpson 3 ay önce

    Not even an argument. Clickbait