10 Most Devastating Cyber Attacks in History

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  • AnimalsAndReports
    AnimalsAndReports 2 ay önce

    Creeped me out at beginning when he said: hey there you're looking well today as his eyes wandered downwards.
    I just got out of shower❕

  • TheRealBenjiYokai
    TheRealBenjiYokai 1 hafta önce

    You don't need to get a VPN, just get TOR browser ;)

  • Ben Bottrill
    Ben Bottrill 2 hafta önce

    This was brilliant one of my favourite videos

  • Boodieman72
    Boodieman72 3 hafta önce

    #7 was a Sony inside job.

  • Лили и Гого
    Лили и Гого 3 hafta önce

    Matthew is quite interesting and this rating, congratulations. You are unique!

  • Anonoymizu
    Anonoymizu 1 ay önce

    Hey Matt, what was the music in this video? I checked the sources and I didn't find anything.

    SAGING NI NIKKOI 1 ay önce

    uhmm. Still using yahoo..

  • Em Radford
    Em Radford 1 ay önce

    #10. If there was ever a reason to cyberattack - this would probably be the most legit.

    Don’t cheat.

  • Alexander Do
    Alexander Do 1 ay önce

    Whats the background music called?

  • G H
    G H 1 ay önce

    Left out Stuxnet/Olympic Games - otherwise, this was an okay video. I work in Cyber Security so I was especially keen to watch this.

  • Alister Hill
    Alister Hill 1 ay önce

    I work in IT and had to deal with a wannacry variant attack. Thankfully we caught it fast and our backup solution was robust enough to restore any files we lost. Could have been MUCH worse. Cybercrine is only going to get worse. People need to become more it aware and vigilant with what they do. Especially due to the rise of IoT.

  • jumb0 0
    jumb0 0 1 ay önce

    vpn, doesn't keep you protected from cyber threats, it just adds layers of anonymity...

  • marco meyer
    marco meyer 1 ay önce

    Ridiculous analysis Republican couple leading elbow tendency adolescent liability universe re.

  • Shadab
    Shadab 1 ay önce

    Nord vpn is best... i use in saudi Arabia

  • Healing411
    Healing411 1 ay önce

    Their contractors etc. can do what they want.

  • W R
    W R 1 ay önce

    Facebook hack?

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller 1 ay önce

    Titan Rain. I love it.

  • John Azar
    John Azar 1 ay önce

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)趾

  • Banat Stronk
    Banat Stronk 1 ay önce


  • Rishare hraje
    Rishare hraje 1 ay önce

    Calling DDOS hacking..... omg

  • Chris Morlock
    Chris Morlock 2 ay önce

    Just wait till vpns get hacked

  • swepeder
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  • swepeder
    swepeder 2 ay önce

    you need say it advertising or you risk banned

  • The DIY Channel -F&C


  • Chris Green
    Chris Green 2 ay önce

    This clown still makes videos?

  • Ex Industries
    Ex Industries 2 ay önce

    Those hackers at number 10 are legends

  • Tejdxa Xu
    Tejdxa Xu 2 ay önce

    What the heck? the face in your background along with those clothes are creepy AF.

  • Ancelegon The Black
    Ancelegon The Black 2 ay önce

    If NSA uses the same encryption then whats the point of getting the vpn?

  • SurrenderPink
    SurrenderPink 2 ay önce

    Stuxnet. 4 Zero days... The U.S. shadow govt. at its finest.

  • Camdog fall
    Camdog fall 2 ay önce

    Spends ten minutes talking about people who hacked into the pentagon... proceeds to tell you to get a vpn that is pentagon level good

  • Lard MC
    Lard MC 2 ay önce


  • Arctic Edge
    Arctic Edge 2 ay önce

    Then I guess they...WANNACRY

    I’m sorry.

  • Irada Kitchen
    Irada Kitchen 2 ay önce

    Wow that was very informative Thank you!

  • Savannah Lorén
    Savannah Lorén 2 ay önce

    US Government get hacked
    NSA program gets leaked

    Buy NordVPN, it uses US government and NSA level security !!!!


  • wallen1986
    wallen1986 2 ay önce

    you could tell he was crying again before he made this video

    NEEFMUSIC TV 2 ay önce

    This guy is scary and creepy and the same time

  • Naythaniel Robinson
    Naythaniel Robinson 2 ay önce

    I stopped watching your videos because you have unrealistic thumbnails for your vids and now your just remaking videos. You made this video about a year or two ago. Ig you or your writers ran out of ideas?

  • A_Piece_Of_Toast PUBG

    I'd actually subscribe if you weren't so ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • bbh Juan
    bbh Juan 2 ay önce

    Good video except your animated facial expressions made me uncomfortable and annoyed/angered. Your comments were so unnecessary as well, stop

    DIRTY B 2 ay önce

    I've had a yahoo mail account since 08. o.o hahahaha