I Was Bullied For Being Fat But Later I Became a Model

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  • ★ Subscribe My Channel: https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j This is Margaret. She has a very inspiring story for those who are fat-shamed and feel miserable about it. The thing is that a couple of years ago, she was famous at her school as Fat Maggie, yet now everyone wants to date her. Unbelievably, she didn’t need to lose a kilo to see this turnaround. Here is the story of her life. She has always been overweight. Her family, all in all, is quite a slender one, and no one actually knows why she was born plump. They thought it would disappear as the years went by. It didn’t. She didn’t overeat, and was a very active girl. She’d been involved in lots of sports ever since she was a small child. Her parents thought that maybe she had some intestinal or hormonal problems, and took her to the doctors, but they came up with nothing. Then they gave up. She wasn’t actually suffering because of her health, and didn’t consider it a “condition”. When she went to school, she stood out of the crowd at once. You know how cruel kids can be, and they sure did mock her. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that apart from being a “lump of fat,” as they called her, she also had a great deal of muscle. She already did rugby and karate, and after a couple of broken noses her classmates learned to show some respect towards “Big M”. Things weren’t that bad really. Slowly but surely, Margaret became part of the group, and everybody respected her – although she had no idea whether this was because they liked her, or because they knew she could beat them up. She even made some friends and felt happy enough, until she had to go to high school where she didn’t know anyone. That meant starting all over again. She still had some hope that that everyone would be more mature by this stage, and they wouldn’t mind her looks. She was both right and wrong. On the one hand, no one called her a lump of fat anymore. On the other, instead of insulting her directly, they talked about her behind her back and gave her disgusted looks. Those were times when working out had become very trendy, and everyone spent their evenings in the gym. Margaret was still doing lots of sports, and a couple of times she tried to explain to people that she wasn’t simply a lazy coach potato – she was actually an athlete. But they didn’t believe her. They became accustomed to the way she looked, but unfortunately she still wasn’t able to socialise much. She was called “Fat Maggie” and became one of the school’s freaks. It’s sad, but true. The worst thing was that at some point, everyone started dating, and she was totally excluded from the process. She knew a couple of boys liked her, but they would never approach her – because who would date Fat Maggie? The thing was, despite being overweight she had always had a well-trained body, and more importantly a pretty face, so she found the whole situation extremely unfair. She remembers the day that changed her life very clearly. One of Margaret’s cousins had ambitions to become a model, and she went to a casting organized by a big scouting agency. She was nervous and asked Margaret to go with her. Margaret thought about how she would look among those fitness bunnies, and felt pretty miserable. But her cousin clearly needed support. So when they arrived, she went into the audience hall nearly at once while she was waiting for her in the hallway. Suddenly a woman with the agency badge came to Margaret and asked if she was waiting for the casting as well. “Who, me? No, of course not, I’m here with my cousin.” “Would you like to try?” She laughed. “Me, a model? Can’t you see I’m overweight?” She smiled and answered “Have you ever heard of plus-size modelling?” This was the phrase that changed her life forever. She actually didn’t believe her, but as she was already there, she decided to give it a try. Everyone who was doing the casting became very interested when they saw her. “What a pretty girl! Nice curves!” She had a couple of shots taken, and they said she was a natural. Fat Maggie, with an exquisite hairdo and makeup, advertising evening dresses! No way! She started taking modelling classes at the same agency and believe it or not, after a couple of months she had already landed two contracts! The best part of it was when her pic was posted as an ad for a big shop in her local mall. You should have seen the faces of her classmates! It turned out that with a bit of makeup and expensive clothes, Margaret stopped being a fat outcast and became an attractive young woman. Obviously, her popularity rocketed, and everyone wanted to make friends with her or go on a date. But you know what? She had lots of interesting work ahead, seeing the world and making new friends. She still studies at that school and works at the same time, and she has learned a very important thing that she wants to share with you: There is a world out there that’s ready to accept you, you just need to take a step forward.
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  • Scary Logan
    Scary Logan 1 saat önce

    My friend was called fat by a teacher then I spoke to my teacher and my mom and we were all mad

  • Yurt1
    Yurt1 1 saat önce

    i wasnt bullied because i was fat i was bullied because of existing

  • Dortjeee_
    Dortjeee_ 2 saat önce

    I got 2 that i cant get thin

  • Uno Honcho
    Uno Honcho 3 saat önce

    It's ok who you are

  • Ana Maria Macasaet
    Ana Maria Macasaet 6 saat önce

    2:40 hey im not fat!

    My name is maggie

  • Tom Tucker
    Tom Tucker 9 saat önce


  • Xombie
    Xombie 9 saat önce

    I love this you bring awareness to skinny shaming too. In my school the most popular girls are the ones that are thick and have bigger you know stuff, but I'm a big square and people make fun of me all the time and I just feel sad because it seems no one can relate with me 😞

  • Nadia Obieglo
    Nadia Obieglo 12 saat önce

    Hey I’m a literally toothpick, literally I’m honestly sooooooooo skiny and yes I am comfterbull in my own body but let me tell u, I’m 11 years old and I’m pretty small, actualy tiny so I have to get clothes for 8 or 9 year olds and people in shops think I’m 7/8 so they always talk to me in that hella anoying voice oh and the most anoying thing Ive heard is “ oh hi are you looking for some toys maybe my little pony?” While I’m clearly in the make up aisle trying to find myself a nice pallet maybe a new highliter or mascara so I kind of feel this girl 😑😑😑

  • AngelPlayz FHOOY
    AngelPlayz FHOOY 12 saat önce

    My ‘friend’ always calls me fat e.g. Behind my back he said “Wow don’t eat too much or you’ll be as fat as Saki” Or ( my other friends said he could be the bed in this weird room thing ) “ What? I’m not fat! Saki is!” And “ This is what I think of your fat body!” Then he destroyed a leaf and that leaf was my ‘fat body’ but I’m not really fat my friends are just really skinny! ( he wonders why I hate him )

  • ZenShadowZ
    ZenShadowZ 13 saat önce

    What is her full name i wanna see if she is a actual model

  • Exotic Winger
    Exotic Winger 14 saat önce

    No I'm fat

  • Raven
    Raven 15 saat önce

    This is sad but I think people would be mildly scared of me... I'm tall 5'7" and I'm only 12 I'm also female but very muscular because I'm a junior Olympian in swimming if you understand how swimming works 11-12 time standards for 50 freestyle my time is 27.99 junior Olympic standards are 28.20. I sorta already have the scary issue but I'm so nice they pass the look up but that isn't my only JO (junior Olympic) time

  • Aster Gaster
    Aster Gaster 15 saat önce

    She thicc

  • Sosefina Enelikp
    Sosefina Enelikp 16 saat önce


  • kale
    kale 17 saat önce

    Just get unfat looool.

  • Jayson Cross
    Jayson Cross 18 saat önce

    Thank you. You changed my mind I thought I was ugly and I am and now I don't care :-)

  • TheNinjaBoyGames - Yeah I do stuff

    You are the personification of “be careful of who you bully in middle school”

  • Nailea Cancino
    Nailea Cancino 18 saat önce

    This girl should be crowned as Slim Thicc Queen. Sorry Larray but u ain’t thicc. She is. ❤️❤️

  • cup o' spice
    cup o' spice 19 saat önce

    is nobody gonna talk about it looked like they traced two “draw the otp” bases at 2:43? Like it’s kinda obvious-

  • XxGally NinjaxX
    XxGally NinjaxX 19 saat önce


  • Angel ORBATON
    Angel ORBATON 19 saat önce


  • L Allison
    L Allison 19 saat önce

    Thank u so much I’m called hippo u boosted my confidence

  • Pierce Tetlow
    Pierce Tetlow 19 saat önce

    Work Out

  • Futa Lover
    Futa Lover 20 saat önce

    Being fat is not a good think

  • Alyssa Valeria
    Alyssa Valeria 20 saat önce

    girl I'm skinny shamed

  • j yp
    j yp 20 saat önce

    I was actually bullied for it but did not give a damn and even I bullied my self saying things like (want me to crash your body with my weight!?! )

    But at some time i lost weight because for some reason I'm too busy studying to eat and now... All the people that rejected me and used me are beeging me back but deym my confidence burst

    (sorry for my bad grammar am a filipino btw!)

  • luner moon
    luner moon 21 saat önce

    But there's no cross eyed modeling
    So idk about me ;-;

  • Miranda Sandoval
    Miranda Sandoval 21 saat önce

    Don’t listen to those people who bullied you they are BULLIES plus they can’t be talking because they can be FAT to so... they need to shut their mouth

  • That Kid Andre
    That Kid Andre 21 saat önce

    Its called being thicc.

  • Galaxy Gacha :3
    Galaxy Gacha :3 21 saat önce

    Well guess wat,

    We ain't fat

    We are thicc.

  • Wargirl11
    Wargirl11 21 saat önce

    So inspiring😍

  • King Sombra
    King Sombra 21 saat önce

    Fat acceptance is complete and utter nonsense not only are you hurting yourself being fat but you're hurting the people around you dr. Shaymin has a really great video where he discusses why the notion of fat acceptance is bad

  • Darcy Does Stuff
    Darcy Does Stuff 22 saat önce

    I feel like modeling should just be called, “Modeling.” No matter the body shape.

  • Marley Rector
    Marley Rector 22 saat önce

    I am overweight and I am very shy when i watched this video i felt much better about my body!!!

  • Belinda Marisela
    Belinda Marisela 22 saat önce

    never judge a book by its cover!

  • candy Miranda Love 29x
    candy Miranda Love 29x 23 saat önce

    or "fat"

  • candy Miranda Love 29x
    candy Miranda Love 29x 23 saat önce

    I'm cupie

  • Brenda Lopez
    Brenda Lopez 23 saat önce

    you are a very strong girl

  • Francky Klasick
    Francky Klasick 23 saat önce