Dax - "She Cheated Again" (Official Music Video)

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  • [LYRICS BELOW] "She Cheated Again" is my deepest song ever. Share this with everyone and anyone. Hope you can relate. Part 3 coming soon... Go LISTEN TO THE AUDIO ON REPEAT! Click here: http://smarturl.it/2crw5u Prod. by @lexnourbeats Shot by: Thad Swift ↓ FOLLOW ME! ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/thatsdax ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/thatsdax ► Snapchat: danielnwosu ► https://soundcloud.com/thatsdax ► https://www.facebook.com/daxentertain... For anyone who makes it this far in the description I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a crazy journey so far and it is just getting started. The power of manifestation is real. Thank you for allowing me to put my heart into my music and listening. I promise to never give up. I will not stop pushing until I reach the top. You can't beat someone who doesn't quit! Share this everywhere! #SheCheatedAgain #SheCheated #SadNiggaHours LYRICS: To be honest I didn’t even want to make this. I knew the topic I would talk about was frowned upon and heavily debated. Everybody thinks I’m happy but I’m not and this here is my confession. How I let a girl destroy me and then push me to the point of this depression. Ya I’m talking about that do or die Ya I’m talking bout that suicide Got all these cars man but who gon ride? Fucked my friend a couple times Told me all those fucking lies So I wrote a song so you could find out how I felt inside I swear to God I almost shot myself a couple times. I should be dead So I had a talk with god and he told me I’d be hard so I asked if I could stay and he could take you instead. Remember all the shit that you was telling me? How you loved me and wadn’t nobody above me now it’s funny all the shit that you promised is just a memory. You gave me something to believe in then you broke me into pieces and it’s fucking with me mentally. And I can’t trust no other bitch because I’m starting to see woman as the enemy. I saw you texting with the dude and it was cool because you told me you and him were just friends Then I caught you in the bed, let it slide, took you back, and then you went and fucked the same dumb nigga again! What the fuck bitch? I gave my all to you. There’s a kid that no ones knows about and me and you both know that I’m the father too, that means I am apart of you, you went and broke my heart in two, then stabbed me in the back and watched me bleed pulled an pulled an audible. Fuck! How you think this gon end? Cause I been dealing with depression, Social media attention They expect me to be happy but I’m fucking depressed. Ye I swear I’m fucking depressed. All the money in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t share it with somebody that you love and that you fucking respect. Do you know how it feels to be awake but all you want to do is go back to sleep because reality suffocating pushing on your chest so all you want to do is go and live your life in ya dreams? Do you know how it feels when the person that you love doesn’t love you back, when say the right things but their actions are opposite of everything they tell you everyday to relax? Bitch I would of killed for u! Man fuck all of this music I’d pass up on a deal for you! Other niggas tried to fuck I swear I only saw the real in you! You cheated twice! And now I can’t deal with you! It’s Dax Dear God, I ask that you give me the strenght to trust again. Please help me relieve this burden from my heart. I know that time heals all wounds and some just take longer than others so i'm going to trust you with this process. Amen EVERYBODY PUT YOUR HANDS UP IF YOU CAN RELATE! WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE! THIS IS FOR YOU!
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  • Dax
    Dax 2 hafta önce

    Share this everywhere and with everyone you know... 💔
    TO BE CONTINUED... part 3 drops if this hits 400k views in the 1st week...

  • jamie e
    jamie e Biraz önce

    He deserves to be way higher up in recognition that all these other artists

  • Kelechi Ebenezer
    Kelechi Ebenezer Biraz önce

    Anytime he raps it makes sence, not like them mumblers

  • Wanderoy Visuals
    Wanderoy Visuals Biraz önce

    I'm someone who's that familiar with rap, but I gotta say I really appreciate and like Dax's work

  • Benjamin Dybro
    Benjamin Dybro Biraz önce

    Just found this. I must say im so impressed, sick flow and also very relatable. Big things is coming for DAX

  • Wanderoy Visuals
    Wanderoy Visuals Biraz önce

    My fucking man. What a song

  • Hollie Mason
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  • Radiant B-Productions
    Radiant B-Productions 5 dakika önce

    Jesus. I feel this way.. Like. years already

  • Nick De Cesare
    Nick De Cesare 10 dakika önce

    Broke down for a minute during this, shits way too real and I hope you know that we support you even though we as fans have never met you. Empathy and compassion has no boundaries. I hope you succeed and accomplish all of your goals bro. We need more positivity in this dark cruel world we’re forced to live on

  • Edin Feratović
    Edin Feratović 14 dakika önce

    Dude you are going to be the next big thing
    Omg jeez you’re so talented

  • Ufuk Kuscul
    Ufuk Kuscul 17 dakika önce


  • Adyson Strickland
    Adyson Strickland 17 dakika önce

    Dak...I'm a young teen... but I can understand you're depressed over someone... it's hard to think everything will be okay, but it always ends up being okay...look at you, you're blowing up man...this goes to everyone and you dak... suicide is NEVER an answer...please...fulfill your kids with something to make you busy...women are trouble sometimes bur I can assure you... you're gonna end up finding that one special female...I love you dak we all do...🖤🖤🖤

  • thomas koppe
    thomas koppe 21 dakika önce

    Dax my man forget her go to a club live yo life my dawg i did that what i did is i made music video (not on youtube) with Hot girls i called it i don't need u
    Here is the lyrics if u wanna copy don't mind at all (Just to make thinks clear i don't need u anymore anymore anymore ya ya dumb ass bitch i will show u wath could of had but of course i don't need u anymore anymore ya ya ya go sit in a corner u lil peace of shit bitch ass Hoe cause i i i i i i don't need u anymore we out peace) put up my middlefinger in the outro

  • Gherig Thesloth
    Gherig Thesloth 25 dakika önce

    This dudes next up ya heard

  • Rick
    Rick 27 dakika önce

    Lil Peep makes me sad and he's gone.
    Your not but i feel so sad too.

  • mitschelmitsche
    mitschelmitsche 28 dakika önce

    holy FUCK dude KILLIN it

  • Bart Extreme NL
    Bart Extreme NL 28 dakika önce

    this is hearttouching man and dont worry it will be over soon :/

  • Egy Tanár
    Egy Tanár 35 dakika önce

    3 million, come on guys this song worth way more💪🏽💪🏽

  • Karl Nicholls
    Karl Nicholls 36 dakika önce

    why has this only got 3m views

  • zombiedog
    zombiedog 38 dakika önce

    I just discovered you and honest to god im glad as fuck i did, you real

  • Mr. Teka
    Mr. Teka 39 dakika önce

    Same damn,

    Respect, man

  • Toby :o
    Toby :o 39 dakika önce

    Broooo this is fucking lit

  • Nature Nate
    Nature Nate 40 dakika önce

    I don't often listen to rap, but I've hit up a couple of your songs and I'm quite impressed. Thanks for creating ❤

  • Quadeca HD
    Quadeca HD 43 dakika önce

    Who’s here from KSI’s diss on him?😂

  • JT
    JT 44 dakika önce

    relatable af man, looking forward to part 2

  • Hasna Zayn
    Hasna Zayn 47 dakika önce

    Oh damn!😍
    From 🇮🇹

  • Mitchie Mitch
    Mitchie Mitch 49 dakika önce

    Man! You’re the most real rapper i have ever heard! You got yourself z new fan! Much respect and love from Belgium!

  • Caddbaker1
    Caddbaker1 50 dakika önce

    Not sure how long you’ve been doing this, but I’m glade I stumbled upon you ✌🏼

  • Lucas Alexander
    Lucas Alexander 56 dakika önce

    This has the same energy as I'm Sorry - Joyner Lucas

  • Elijah Jones
    Elijah Jones 1 saat önce

    Feeling this hard rn 😪

  • B Scarbsx
    B Scarbsx 1 saat önce

    That how it be sometimes

  • J
    J 1 saat önce

    Is this the nigga that be hating on 6ix9ine on his Instagram? Lmao

  • Yvng. Quan
    Yvng. Quan 1 saat önce

    Lol just “friends” they always say that

  • C4 TV
    C4 TV 1 saat önce

    Dax sort KSI hes out of line https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz-owWEMBxo

  • Dax Melhase
    Dax Melhase 1 saat önce

    tell me why my name irl is dax and then i find this guy

  • Ken Masters
    Ken Masters 1 saat önce

    I felt this 🔥

  • Cody Wright
    Cody Wright 1 saat önce

    Bro, this shit is straight fire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 your way more talented than half these rappers these days! Your defiantly the underground goat homie, I wish nothing but the best for you and your career! Much love homie! 💯✌️ pce homie

  • Laura Ksteiner
    Laura Ksteiner 1 saat önce


  • Why Hello
    Why Hello 1 saat önce

    You gonna blow up g, you got a dope ass flow. Keep up the good work man. Much love from Canada

  • Fong Vang
    Fong Vang 1 saat önce

    This one fire too 💯💯💯💯