I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna 6 gün önce

    for everyone commenting about the fat- i was eating 3-5x the daily recommended amount of fat every day. i was loading up on avocados, nuts, bacon, chicken thighs, and TONS of sunflower seed butter, everything cooked in butter, everything topped with olive oil. TRUST me. i was eating MORE FAT THAN I EVER WANNA EAT AGAIN IN MY LIFE, that was not the issue.

  • Jess Phillips
    Jess Phillips Biraz önce

    lol if you are gonna do this video you at least need to do the diet right. you are not eating nearly enough fat. eat fattier proteins. salt and electrolytes help you not get the keto flu.

  • Isabella Rendon
    Isabella Rendon Biraz önce


  • Alyssa Figueroa
    Alyssa Figueroa Biraz önce

    you need carbs for working out

  • Amanda Maki
    Amanda Maki Biraz önce

    I have been doing keto on and off over the past 2 years and it really works for me. My body responds really well and I get barely any keto flu without trying too hard. I know you poked the bear on this one because like anything (diets, lifestyles etc.) keto peeps will always try to tell you how to do this diet "the right way". It does sound like you could have had better results with some adjustments and that you had the keto flu really bad all week that you did it. You went from eating a certain way to a VERY different way in a short amount of time, anyone's body would be screaming. It also may prove that the ketogenic diet isn't for you and that's OK!! I think to each their own. You do you Gabbie and keep it up! :)

  • N Rose
    N Rose Biraz önce

    My parents are doing keto! My mom has lost about 12 pounds and my dad has lost 20! They’ve been doing it for about a month and a half:)

  • antonia
    antonia Biraz önce

    I don’t do Keto but I do low carb and low calories but she really should’ve done some research before making this video

  • Nikki Toothman
    Nikki Toothman Biraz önce

    She tried and that's what matters

  • keto shineon
    keto shineon Biraz önce

    So if I go by this video's standards,
    Carbs make me so frigging hungry
    Carbs make me feel terrible
    Sugar crashes from carbs give me heart palpitations and anxiety
    Carbs make me gain weight
    Because they give ME problems.

  • Sophia Murray
    Sophia Murray Biraz önce

    Yo I did the Keto diet for three weeks and I lost 15 pounds and that’s not super healthy but you really got to have a TON of fat and protein

  • 54davidmb
    54davidmb Biraz önce

    Why does this stupid women have so many idiot followers?

  • Maddi Gordon
    Maddi Gordon Biraz önce

    I love this video. I was actually thinking about doing the keto diet and you and I have similar body types and build so thank you for doing this.

  • Mya Mya
    Mya Mya Biraz önce

    my dad is on a keto diet(started), he was over 300 pounds and since january he has lost over 50 pounds now and is still going strong!! i haven’t watched the video yet but im just putting my positive take on keto bc i know some people who tried it, it didn’t work out for them

  • i like coffee
    i like coffee Biraz önce

    This summer I almost got a eating disorder i probably ate one thing a day i so tired and I cryied because my stomach hurt so bad it was horrible then I realized what I was doing was so stupid I started eating again sometimes i dont eat at school but that's because the food is really gross I still kinda hate my body but im getting better 😊

  • Esther Iriarte
    Esther Iriarte Biraz önce

    Keto is a lot about macros. I wish she would have shown how much carbs, protein, and fat she ate everyday. From the video, it looks like she did low fat, low carb. But she claims she ate 3x the amount of fat that is normal.

  • Erica MUA JK
    Erica MUA JK Biraz önce

    this diet has changed so many lives don’t let this idiot change your mind if you’re interested in starting the keto diet, of course whenever your body is going through ANY damn change it’s going to react different, not to mention the first week is ALWAYS the most rough. Stupid misleading video. I

  • Maddie Rose
    Maddie Rose Biraz önce

    I really hope that people are not using this video as a representation for what the keto diet is. Gabbie, I respect the effort that you put into your videos, of course I do, but this is not what keto looks like. I think that perhaps what happened was that you were in the mindset of this being a restrictive diet so you restricted immensely. Also, keto is something that you have to ease into, so for the purposes of a week long video, it really doesn't work. I hope you can see that this isn't what keto is and stop saying that keto is bad for your body, because it is not. If you'd like more information about keto, I would recommend Keto Connect or Dr. Eric Berg here on youtube!

  • martina shoukry
    martina shoukry 4 dakika önce

    So... do you recommend it?

  • genevievewagoner
    genevievewagoner 9 dakika önce

    my mom does a keto diet because her stomach can’t handle grains and other components. she started this i think five years ago and she told me she of course had a crash the first week but after that her body just adapted and to this day her diet fills her. doing diets for one week especially with this one is hard. i enjoyed this video because i didn’t know what she went through. thanks for taking the heat and pain to inform all of us haha.

  • alexandra arredondo
    alexandra arredondo 10 dakika önce

    Been on Keto going on for four months now :) best decision ever made, just hit the 50 pound mark.

  • Olga Avilez
    Olga Avilez 11 dakika önce

    Thank you for this video, i love my carbs anything that make u give up certain food groups is unhealthy

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. 11 dakika önce

    Nigga, you can’t do fucking keto for one week and then act like you’re the expert. 1 week? You expect results in....1 week? Don’t go bashing a diet/lifestyle that has scientific backing and has done wonders for thousands. Sorry your dumbass couldn’t make it. Also, maybe you should do the diet right next time and follow the guidelines

  • A S
    A S 14 dakika önce

    watch The Magic Pill on Netflix. It’s about Keto. You ARE allowed to have berries, and a few other fruits. You should of researched more. Ily gab, but you should research a bit more on something like this next time. The Keto is a good diet. No hate, just stating a few things. I went on the diet, and I felt a little weird the first week, but after that I felt absolutely amazing.

  • Savannah Owens
    Savannah Owens 14 dakika önce

    All these diets are so stupid. Our bodies need carbohydrates, they are our main source of energy. It is so much healthier to eat a balanced diet that includes fats, carbs, and protein. We shouldn’t cut any of them out

  • natalilac
    natalilac 16 dakika önce

    my dad's on keto rn

  • Hannah Winger
    Hannah Winger 16 dakika önce

    You can’t do Keto in a week. It’s meant to be a monthlong diet.

  • Susie Peaches
    Susie Peaches 18 dakika önce

    Jeezus shmeezus you just gained a whole lot more subs

  • Spøøky Liz
    Spøøky Liz 18 dakika önce

    I get that pain all the time cause I like never eat.. am I ok?

  • Brian Neary
    Brian Neary 20 dakika önce

    Going into a serious life change with little to no education is always a bad move, this is a fantastic example of what not to do. She made many mistakes and then judges it in the end as being stupid and unhealthy. In my opinion ignorant people should learn about something before insulting it.

  • Angie S
    Angie S 26 dakika önce

    IT'S NOT ZERO CARBS. Oops she was confused. Many would be pleasantly surprised how many they can have and still be in ketosis, benefiting from it.

  • leahbiaaaaa
    leahbiaaaaa 26 dakika önce

    I’m sorry but you are a straight up idiot. ONE WEEK ON KETO DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN EXPERT. One week?! Are you kidding? I am fucking dead over here. The first week on Keto is the HARDEST. You must have read one blog that told you you’ll be in ketosis in 3 days and feel great. WRONG. I was on Keto for 7 months. I lost 50+ pounds. I had more energy than I had ever had in my life. I felt GREAT about myself for the first time in my life. That was 50+ pounds WITHOUT EXERCISING. If you want to work out on Keto, you have to change your macros around.

    ALSO. YES, you can do this long term. You literally made this video because you want people to follow YOUR way of losing weight. I’m happy that you are in a place where you feel confident but just because you’ve lost weight doesn’t make you an expert on the matter. Ask the thousands and thousands of people who used to be insulin dependent diabetics who are no longer diabetic.

    I implore you or anyone else considering this lifestyle change to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Go on the Keto subreddit and read for 15 minutes and get a clue.


  • Emily Woods
    Emily Woods 26 dakika önce

    keto is wildly unhealthy for the human body. long-term health can’t be achieved eating that much meat and animal proteins, as well as saturated fat. im glad you stopped.

  • nick o
    nick o 29 dakika önce

    What a melter

  • sonia emm
    sonia emm 30 dakika önce

    That was not keto gabbs

  • Jimena Somoano
    Jimena Somoano 30 dakika önce

    I’ve been Keto for months and I reversed my high blood sugar and prediabetes:/ maybe research first before you jump into this, instead of misleading a bunch of people who would benefit by this

  • Kelsey Sheppard
    Kelsey Sheppard 30 dakika önce

    There is good and bad to Leto. That problem feeling doesn’t last forever. It feels horrible about 3-7 days. For me I had no problems... but I only do it before a vacation where my stomach will be in a Bikini. I agree with you though. Yes it works for some and not for others. If you feel THAT horrible then stop. Listen to your body!!

  • Maddie Trewartha
    Maddie Trewartha 31 dakika önce


  • Elizabeth Ziegler
    Elizabeth Ziegler 34 dakika önce

    who else thought of kkandbabyj when the background song started playing??

  • Beannie
    Beannie 35 dakika önce

    try going plant based for a week try both sides of the diet spectrum

  • Vera Carter
    Vera Carter 36 dakika önce

    THIS IS NOT A TRUE REPRESENTATION OF THE KETO APPROACH TO NUTRITION. She paints a picture without actually doing her research and knowing all of her options. It's unfortunate. If you really want to know about Keto, check out Dr. Berg, Dr. Berry and Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube. Read Dr. Mary Enig's book called "Know Your Fats." It's unfortunate that she has misinformed so many people about a lifestyle approach that actually saves lives. Did you know that before medication was prescribed for epilepsy, a Keto diet was the nutritional intervention? Do your research. This approach appears to give hope to people dealing with diabetes, who may be facing amputation, living a life dependent on insulin and facing a litany of health issues. The great thing about this video is it provides an opportunity to have a dialogue about Keto.