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  • Komukama Sylvia
    Komukama Sylvia 1 hafta önce

    Double cleanse please ie cleansing oil and face wash

  • RealBeautiful Beauty
    RealBeautiful Beauty 3 hafta önce

    Juice beauty.. good stuff

  • χωρίς πεντάγραμμο

    did she wash her face ?

  • Holly Mennell
    Holly Mennell 1 ay önce

    You're so gorgeous I can't 😍

  • Tamanna Sreenagesh
    Tamanna Sreenagesh 1 ay önce

    I have tiny and like straight lashes as well..I’ve been applying a mixture of castor oil and vitamin E oil on my lashes and brows and it has made my lashes like thicker and should definitely try it♥️

  • Awesome Solis2000
    Awesome Solis2000 1 ay önce

    you are so beautiful natural and with makeup 😍 im jealous

  • Sarah M.
    Sarah M. 1 ay önce

    you have Barbra Streisand fingers :) and for ppl who might think otherwise, thats a compliment! Yall have pretty and long slender fingers topped off with pretty long nails. I'm just sayin. Does that make me weird? lol . . . also, i love tea tree oil too, that stuff is AWESOME! i use it on my rosacea too as part of my nighttime routine and believe it or not, it helped the red and pain go away! Happiness :) i use it now as a rosacea preventative :)

  • Rachel Rosen
    Rachel Rosen 2 ay önce

    Are you a prostitute? You look like you suck lots of dick.

  • Armanda lima
    Armanda lima 2 ay önce

    Omg she’s so beautiful without makeup

  • G C
    G C 2 ay önce

    What kind of procedure was her extraction? What was extracted?

  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres 2 ay önce

    Had to use 4 makeup removers and still didn’t remove all the makeup. Mac cleanse off oil works better than all of those

  • angelxa
    angelxa 2 ay önce

    omg I love watching you so much

  • Madamoiselle SushiCat

    PRO TIP: use avocado oil to take off hard-to-remove makeup like a smokey eye or glitter! it will make your makeup come right off but it isn’t harsh on your skin

  • Mebelyn Baez
    Mebelyn Baez 2 ay önce

    This definitely will be my 3rd video on my Youtube channel 😩

  • Vania Gamez
    Vania Gamez 2 ay önce

    Can you do a video on how to eliminate mila undereyes please

  • oof
    oof 2 ay önce

    hunny’s eyebrows look soooooo good 😍😍😍😍

  • Anaansa Thach
    Anaansa Thach 2 ay önce

    I do the Q-tip thing under my eye too, but I still wake up with some there so now I know I have to do the top too

    SUWFZ 2 ay önce

    Her fingers are so long they can tickle me through the screen!!

  • Jennifer Harrison
    Jennifer Harrison 2 ay önce

    You look like Jennifer Lopez

  • Elle A
    Elle A 3 ay önce

    You put my skin routine to shame! Lol thanks for the tips! Loved!

  • Willi Romita
    Willi Romita 3 ay önce

    This Clinique balm is a dupe for Clean It Zero the original. And the Clean It Zero is a lot less expensive!

  • Rimsha Khalid
    Rimsha Khalid 3 ay önce

    Girl u need a face halo immediately it works way faster than Clinique no offence

  • Lauren Jade
    Lauren Jade 3 ay önce

    I though this was an ASMR video at first😂💗

  • Jelena Stefanović
    Jelena Stefanović 3 ay önce

    Why does she look soooo different?

  • Aman74 Ever
    Aman74 Ever 3 ay önce

    this much care and still you face breakouts 🤔

  • L di
    L di 3 ay önce

    is it me the only one who liked her nails???? like her hand is pretty wtf?

  • Nancella
    Nancella 3 ay önce

    Latisse made my lashes grow super long but for some reason my eyelashes grew in different directions and kind of thin!

  • hazelle labra
    hazelle labra 3 ay önce

    Ooo I need that cleanser

  • Jada Miller
    Jada Miller 3 ay önce

    an i the only one who thought that the thumbnail of this video was her with like a mud eye mask or something until I saw her take off the makeup?😂❤️

  • slimeBee. co
    slimeBee. co 3 ay önce

    This is sponserd

  • Shari Liebling
    Shari Liebling 3 ay önce

    I love that eye makeup remover is

  • Rimsha
    Rimsha 3 ay önce

    using a facial brush for the cleansing bit is life changing!!

  • Alexis N.Perkins
    Alexis N.Perkins 3 ay önce

    Guess what gurl I'm last name is Perkins too

  • Glamourholic BEAUTY__

    You are sooooooo beautiful!!!! With or without make-up

  • •Like a Girl
    •Like a Girl 4 ay önce

    Love those nails xx

  • gaby calderon
    gaby calderon 4 ay önce

    Ive seen this damn video like a thousand times

  • Caitlyn Kreklewich
    Caitlyn Kreklewich 4 ay önce

    I would love to see an updated nighttime skin care routine.
    I started using the olehenricksen challenging force toner... it's made a world of difference so I need to know more!

  • Leslee Nicole
    Leslee Nicole 4 ay önce

    Omg I love ALL your videos so much, I've been literally watching them for the last week nonstop & you still have SO much more 💜💜💜💜

  • Ammarah Khalid
    Ammarah Khalid 4 ay önce

    aww she does look sleepy hahaha!

  • SaltwaterSoul22
    SaltwaterSoul22 5 ay önce

    What do you mean extraction? What is that? I was interested right away, wish you'd said more!💖