when people show you who they are

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  • April Richardson
    April Richardson 1 gün önce

    Wish I could’ve seen this before my friend and I had a nasty falling-out 😢

  • GaG Atomatic
    GaG Atomatic 1 hafta önce

    "Ohhhhh kaaayyy" Im literally dead xD

  • MetalizedButt
    MetalizedButt 1 hafta önce

    use proper form if you’re gonna hit someone. it’s karate chop and you have to say hyeaah.

  • i am juca
    i am juca 1 hafta önce

    Where was this when 2018 happened? 😭

  • D M
    D M 2 hafta önce

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

    - Maya Angelou

  • D B
    D B 2 hafta önce

    Seems like your brain shuts down on a daily basis

  • Kesha Sarfraz23
    Kesha Sarfraz23 4 hafta önce

    What does she mean by patterns ? I don't understand

  • Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse 4 hafta önce

    I relate. Every crush I've ever had has ghosted me

  • ajl0426
    ajl0426 1 ay önce

    I like those glasses, you have really good taste in styling.

  • Khepri Aliocosoph
    Khepri Aliocosoph 1 ay önce

    You're so beautiful 😌

  • Life Theorist
    Life Theorist 1 ay önce

    I dad has ghosted my father, but they are still together. Plus, I already do this, I thought I was a stalker, but NOPE, I’m good.

    (Is it bad that I know more about my crush then his friends do? And some other stuff as well?)

  • Sameeha Khaled
    Sameeha Khaled 1 ay önce

    these videos r the best

  • Just Drew
    Just Drew 1 ay önce

    Boo, commit lmfao hilarious

  • Red Juice
    Red Juice 1 ay önce

    Psychology 🙌

  • Shinrin Yoku
    Shinrin Yoku 1 ay önce

    This goes right into my "Life Lessons" youtube list. I realized it just this summer.

  • Alena McDaniel
    Alena McDaniel 1 ay önce

    This is my theory and how I judge people. It's interesting because then people get mad at me for expecting what has happened to me in the past, but I'm going to stick to it because I want to avoid getting hurt again.

  • thestaceofspade
    thestaceofspade 1 ay önce

    needed to hear this

  • carrie yan
    carrie yan 1 ay önce

    I really like your glasses! Where did you get them from?

  • Dim Bose
    Dim Bose 2 ay önce

    Hot crazy scale

  • Jacob Velez
    Jacob Velez 2 ay önce

    Marry me❤️

  • Turte Nille
    Turte Nille 2 ay önce

    "I am Anakonda"
    Oh we are using made up names

  • Luv AI
    Luv AI 2 ay önce


  • Ali
    Ali 2 ay önce

    "Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior." not really true. Heard of the induction problem?

  • High Expectations
    High Expectations 2 ay önce

    What is the difference between a cheap hooker and an elephant - one rolls on its back for peanuts and the other lives in a zoo.

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams 2 ay önce

    Thanks Anna you've helped me so much 😄!

  • Mac Taco
    Mac Taco 2 ay önce

    one catch : people change over time

  • nivedita ghosh
    nivedita ghosh 2 ay önce

    Love you AA..learn so much from you..you are amazing..so much practical and realistic...

  • victoria 14
    victoria 14 2 ay önce

    I lost it when she started talking about her cat's signs

  • Dandy Le
    Dandy Le 2 ay önce

    I love this. TY Annaaaaaa❤️

  • BoMwarriorVlog
    BoMwarriorVlog 3 ay önce

    Who else paused it at 3:40 to read all the newspaper lines? 😉 #LoveTheDetail

  • amongbeyo
    amongbeyo 3 ay önce

    Patterns, good idea!

  • Mega Luthus
    Mega Luthus 3 ay önce

    Subscribed! You are cool!

  • Sethcha Koy
    Sethcha Koy 3 ay önce

    This amused me! Thanks 😃

  • shawna_mills
    shawna_mills 3 ay önce

    I think it's worse when it friends ghost u...

  • Jin Roh
    Jin Roh 3 ay önce


  • Alicia Marie
    Alicia Marie 3 ay önce

    :13 lmao omg! What a pleasant surprise BOO

  • elena
    elena 3 ay önce


  • no one
    no one 3 ay önce

    This is perfect. I just broke up with my partner after letting him move in 6 months ago because of less than good reasons. Hell the reasons he was moving out and the way he did it should of been a clue. When the scene with the two friends asking questions about him being that way at the start of the relationship, a lightbulb went on. Thing is I knew it all along, I'm guessing the pre-frontal cortex shennanigins is why it lasted so long.. I jump all in to my relationships too. Hasn't worked out well yet either hahaha.

  • Kinsae Omega
    Kinsae Omega 3 ay önce

    Being. Teuat their being. As who they are choosing to.be. . they alwasy are early to the show. Lol. I feel we all like to control others act/part hat in which they are clearly showing and being. Just to fit our own needs and wants v just findnf the person that fits the role already perfectly. Hhhhhmmmmm. Patients

    Lol. Capricorn. You just like my kitty 😺 meow.

  • Alykia
    Alykia 3 ay önce

    I've never had my brain shut down...does that mean I never really liked anyone? Although I tend to be friends first sooo