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    who else is jelous but at the same time teared op

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    Oh my goodness, this kid is sooo cute🤣🤣🤣

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    This kid is amazing! <3

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    Just can’t stop watching this

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    how old is he hes o cute

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    So cute

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    Can I have a battle pass cause I want a battle pass

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    Next time u should just pause the stream and tell him the card number that’s prob way easier

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    Billy bob Jr 1 gün önce

    When you realize this is to scetchy

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    OMG is that faze rug online playing fortnite

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    after this video i subscribed you with 4 Accounts you are so cheerful to little kids

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    Imaging this BEAUTIFUL INNOCENT MASTERPIECE doing drugs and drinking...

    Can’t do it right?

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    You can I play a round with you

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    Ask porky to put her on the mic

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    At 12:14 is it Mickey Mouse?

  • Williams awesome videos Padilla

    Bless rng

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    Come on mom

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    That kid is so cute

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    May god bless you more cizzors

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    Hi I love your vibs your the nicest

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    I was at 6:15

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    Porky is da cool kid

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    Come on mom

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    N3XUS_Fyfu 2 gün önce

    Ya'll think that's a cute little kid... Wtf? That "kid" uses a voice changer, obviously. I know what's a kid voice and what's a voice changer voice.

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    I want too

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    Can you play fort nite with me please. Love your videos.

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    Pok1m4n3 is in the chat like invite me🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

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    porkys the cutest kid everrrrrrrrrrrrr!! <3

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    Wtf you were level 59 and now 60?????