Lady Gaga - Look What I Found (A Star Is Born)

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  • Lady Gaga Look What Found Star is Born OST Soundtrack 

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  • Pramesthi khairunnisa aulia
    Pramesthi khairunnisa aulia 23 dakika önce


  • Kunnu Venkat
    Kunnu Venkat 32 dakika önce

    Ta ta ta na na ta ta na🎵🎵🎵🎤

  • Sheleene Stewart
    Sheleene Stewart 36 dakika önce

    Lady Gaga, your voice brings out the deepest emotions in me. You are amazing.

  • Rafael Prado
    Rafael Prado 57 dakika önce

    The way Cooper looks at her thinking (and smiling): "OMG SHE IS FUCKING TALENTED!" Starts at 0:12

  • Dealwithit Mayo
    Dealwithit Mayo 1 saat önce

    Great song

  • Sailor Mars
    Sailor Mars 1 saat önce

    Waiting for I'll Never Love Again music video impatiently.

  • Julia Perez
    Julia Perez 2 saat önce

    🔴 Alreády wátched "A~STAR~lS~B0RN~20I8" fiIm:
    Ungláúbl¡cher.. film! Sehr zú empfehlen.. es áúszúprób¡eren!

  • Joana Kelly
    Joana Kelly 2 saat önce

    Ta demaisssss!!!! gostando de ver essa maravilhosa inovando a cada dia 🇧🇷♥

  • Kaye Wilde
    Kaye Wilde 3 saat önce

    So this ia a movie??? or did she hire cooper for 2 mvs??

  • Klaudia
    Klaudia 3 saat önce

    I'm between watching this movie now or waiting till premiere in my country... hard choice. 😩😩

  • Ana-Ruby
    Ana-Ruby 3 saat önce

    This is perfect. I absolutely loved the movie. Lady Gaga's voice is amazing. So powerful.

  • MissGeorgiex1
    MissGeorgiex1 4 saat önce

    I adore this song ughhh and this film and both Bradley and Stefani are incredible. Yes I’m calling her Stefani because I feel she was soooo real in this

  • Dadi Puzzangara
    Dadi Puzzangara 5 saat önce


  • Forum Orologi in Libertà

    ...without makeup you are beautiful.

  • Jorge Ruiz
    Jorge Ruiz 7 saat önce

    2:06 I'm dying 😻

  • Vincent Murray
    Vincent Murray 7 saat önce

    How do you hear it?!?!

  • 羅雍哲
    羅雍哲 7 saat önce

    Lady gaga

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 8 saat önce

    This song of hers reminds me of Michael Jackson😁😁

    MR MILFMANZ 8 saat önce

    Lady blah blah

  • Andrew Alves
    Andrew Alves 8 saat önce

    Congrats from Brazil

  • Mel P camara
    Mel P camara 8 saat önce

    Im love her <3 who's love lady Gaga ?

  • Larissa García
    Larissa García 9 saat önce

    I love you so much gaga❤️❤️ you did a great Job on the movie, i really love the soundtrack

  • No One
    No One 10 saat önce

    I think these two are soulmates. I know they are both spoken for but it’s soo obvious.

  • Carlos Marques
    Carlos Marques 10 saat önce

    Love her!!!!!!! Amazing song.

  • Keven Keeler
    Keven Keeler 10 saat önce

    I wish this had as many views as Shallow. I love this track.

  • KaTerria Epps
    KaTerria Epps 11 saat önce

    She's such a awesome singer love her voice!!

  • CC Carignan
    CC Carignan 11 saat önce

    you know I bought songs I like on the sound track but somehow I missed this one, Im going back for it for sure amazing

  • Ruby maeyr
    Ruby maeyr 12 saat önce


  • Luis Enriquez
    Luis Enriquez 12 saat önce

    Lady GAGA is a great artist, !What a powerful and wonderful voice¡

  • Carol Wendy
    Carol Wendy 14 saat önce

    I love her😍

  • Horatio Sny
    Horatio Sny 14 saat önce

    Wow.. i can't wait to watch this movie.. for my birthday gift today, 22oct.. lady gaga and Bradley Cooper, whatt 😍😍😍.. it's must be a superb collaboration..

  • Francisco Monteiro
    Francisco Monteiro 14 saat önce

    I Love you Gaga

  • Kathryn Vengco
    Kathryn Vengco 14 saat önce

    She better win an Oscar. Over the years we’ve seen her change so much and it’s incredible 💞

  • Jon Gutierrez
    Jon Gutierrez 15 saat önce

    Oscars Is Coming!

  • Miguel Ch
    Miguel Ch 15 saat önce

    I'm alone in my house
    I'm out on the town
    I'm at the bottom of the bottle
    I've been knockin' 'em down

    I can't get back up on my feet
    See the lights on the street like stars
    But look what I found
    Look what I found
    Another piece of my heart
    Just layin' on the ground

    Under the foggy day
    I’m lookin' for a light
    And my only friend
    Is workin' tonight

    I can’t get myself out of bed
    Hear these voices in my head like a song
    But look what I found
    Somebody who loves me
    Look what I found
    Somebody who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart
    Just layin' on the ground
    When I met you I was blown to pieces
    Heart all over the floor
    Ever since you put me back together
    I can’t believe it won’t believe it
    Look what you found!
    Yeah baby
    Look what I found
    Someone who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart
    Look what I found
    Look what I found
    Somebody who loves me
    Look what we found
    Somebody who'll carry 'round a piece of my heart
    Heart just layin' on the ground

  • lisa kendall
    lisa kendall 16 saat önce

    L I'll ve

  • Daniciele Reis
    Daniciele Reis 16 saat önce


  • Mr Haggard36
    Mr Haggard36 16 saat önce

    That beat goes hard

  • Dana Scully
    Dana Scully 18 saat önce

    This soundtrack 😻❤️

  • niçomit royens
    niçomit royens 18 saat önce

    🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🙌 ?¿