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  • Jason Nash
    Jason Nash 2 ay önce

    Yo Guys! We randomly got to go film with Jeffree on Tuesday last minute. It was super fun and my first time doing so. Coincidentally, Shane Dawson's new doc on Jeffree came out at the exact same time. I hope no one feels like I am stepping on anyone's toes here by posting this. I love Shane to death so go watch part. one of his new five part series here, which I know he worked extremely hard on! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUf2-sjGqQw&t=15s

  • Dudeitszz Forlife
    Dudeitszz Forlife 11 saat önce

    Is it just me or is Trisha’s laugh so cute😂❤️😩

  • l bn
    l bn 14 saat önce

    it's like going to a king and him handing out donations to the poor LMAO i'm cryingggg

  • Mike johnson
    Mike johnson 17 saat önce

    Old and ugly people

  • ArtAndBeautyFreak
    ArtAndBeautyFreak 20 saat önce

    16:50 hahah!!!!!

  • Ayana Marie
    Ayana Marie 21 saat önce

    jeffree is so sweet omg

  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart 23 saat önce

    I like jeffee but his home is horrible tasteless

  • Rachel's fail
    Rachel's fail 1 gün önce


  • Araceli Gastelum
    Araceli Gastelum 1 gün önce

    The intros gay

  • Marrissa Zando
    Marrissa Zando 1 gün önce

    She's not even acting natural.... y'all are nervous and just don't want to get on his bad side

  • All The Love
    All The Love 1 gün önce

    Jeffree doing charity work for 17 minutes straight sksksksks

  • All The Love
    All The Love 1 gün önce

    Jason talking about his little socks is the funniest thing to me

  • Kaslynne Borg
    Kaslynne Borg 1 gün önce

    David looks so awkwardly annoyed by how Jeffree bought his car 🤣🤣

  • Santana Wachira
    Santana Wachira 1 gün önce


  • Sergio Alcantar
    Sergio Alcantar 1 gün önce

    This dude must be in debt up to his neck.

  • Slove2das
    Slove2das 1 gün önce

    love u <3

  • 6 6
    6 6 1 gün önce

    JEFREE and Trisha paytas Jason loveeeeee

  • Natalia Valdez
    Natalia Valdez 1 gün önce

    this is disturbing but i dig it

  • Miss Thing
    Miss Thing 2 gün önce

    I would watch a whole 30-minute video of Jeffree throwing expensive bags across the room and yelling TRASH

  • Jemma Williamson
    Jemma Williamson 2 gün önce

    This makes me so happy AHAH and then jefree gives away nates shoes DEADDD

  • Jordan Shingoose
    Jordan Shingoose 2 gün önce

    talking about jeffrees ring david-''oH cOoL TiGeR" 5:04

  • Samantha Renae
    Samantha Renae 2 gün önce

    I want a dog like delicious

  • My Names Jeff
    My Names Jeff 2 gün önce

    Do NOT disrespect the Jeffery booty~

  • Ava Sellers
    Ava Sellers 2 gün önce

    Love how David is literally a five year old

  • Elena de Kort
    Elena de Kort 2 gün önce

    I love how david feels so irrelevant in this ahahahahah I even forgot he was there bahah

  • The Cool Girl
    The Cool Girl 3 gün önce

    We're are your kids

  • Amy Stevenson
    Amy Stevenson 3 gün önce

    Does anyone know where Trisha got her outfit from?

  • caelumly
    caelumly 3 gün önce

    Love it when Jeffree does charity work

  • Roxanne
    Roxanne 3 gün önce

    My sister doesn’t wear socks either and her feet always smell like shit. She’s only 8

  • bairi abdrrahman
    bairi abdrrahman 3 gün önce

    change the fuckin intro please

  • Missy Nissy
    Missy Nissy 3 gün önce

    The end 🤣

  • Lilly Hoe
    Lilly Hoe 3 gün önce

    Your editor is hilarious

  • Uhh Liyahh
    Uhh Liyahh 4 gün önce

    Does it hurt when u find out that David and trish are the only reasons why u have good views?

    GOLD ROSE 4 gün önce

    Your intro is so cool

  • Galaxy TheWimp
    Galaxy TheWimp 4 gün önce

    9:08 is so pure

  • Madisynne Fowlkes
    Madisynne Fowlkes 4 gün önce

    Jason looks like he stinks no offense

  • Regan Horton
    Regan Horton 4 gün önce

    Die you fat cunt

  • Regan Horton
    Regan Horton 4 gün önce

    For you fat cunt

  • Red Rivas
    Red Rivas 4 gün önce

    Your so funny 😂

  • mona butt
    mona butt 4 gün önce

    jeffreeee is such a gem of a person.. letting everyone in his life even when some turn mean afterwards.