Apple iPhone XS and XR 2018 event in 12 minutes

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  • The Verge
    The Verge 1 hafta önce

    Would you buy one of the new iPhones? Which one?

    FABIO DIAS 1 saat önce

    It looks like people want to carry TV's these days

  • David Mendez
    David Mendez 2 saat önce

    Make the itouch 7.

  • Sheng Pu
    Sheng Pu 8 saat önce

    1:34 "The speaker has also been completely redesigned"
    1:36 "It's 50 percent louder"

  • lutfianna anna
    lutfianna anna 8 saat önce

    Million pixels?

  • 1103 Musik Berlin
    1103 Musik Berlin 8 saat önce

    i see a great video

  • can't relate
    can't relate 9 saat önce

    I most likely will never buy an iphone unless i'm rich so i can buy multiple phones lmao. but even if i'm rich, i'd still prefer an android for my main phone (this is just my preference tho)

  • TIM Cheou
    TIM Cheou 10 saat önce

    I think phil did not present well, he needs to speak slower, with pause, he spoke too fast

  • AltijdGaming
    AltijdGaming 10 saat önce


  • Marcus Joachim Acosta
    Marcus Joachim Acosta 10 saat önce

    Iphone Xpensive and Ridiculous
    Iphone Xpensive and Stupid

  • Jahmars Shiva
    Jahmars Shiva 13 saat önce

    No coz it’s not much and it’s not worth the Money boring .
    Bring a future I phone .

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 14 saat önce

    Anyone else count how many times they said 'completely redesigned'?

    It's borderline brainwashing lol

  • IAt0m1xI
    IAt0m1xI 14 saat önce

    Apple.... Apple never changes.

  • Son of a BITCH ! !
    Son of a BITCH ! ! 15 saat önce

    The 2019 Apple convention is going to be the unveiling of the FIRST EVER TOUCHSCREEN LAPTOP!

  • Son of a BITCH ! !
    Son of a BITCH ! ! 15 saat önce

    I'm waiting for Apple to invent an iPhone with a headphone jack, no notch, & USB file transfer. Maybe they'll discover it next year.

  • Daniel Dreamon
    Daniel Dreamon 16 saat önce

    I have an iPhone 6s. Came from a Galaxy s10 video review. This video is depressing.

    The first guy.. Steve jobs wanna be.
    The second guy.. well I’m sure most didn’t even notice there was a second guy.
    The third guy should quit and sell books instead.

    I expected much more. Good buy Apple!

  • Jenivera
    Jenivera 16 saat önce

    more of the same...

  • Lex Depp
    Lex Depp 16 saat önce

    To me, nothing has improved. They kept the same design throughout with minor changes.

  • Barkat Now
    Barkat Now 17 saat önce

    good job ...!!!

  • Joal Homes
    Joal Homes 22 saat önce

    Now the bring out the gold.

  • Itz Ahnafy
    Itz Ahnafy 1 gün önce

    the iPhone: meh wate for 2037
    the watch: will 398 be enough?

  • Game Detective
    Game Detective 1 gün önce

    Soo...a Galaxy S9 is less expansive than the 'cheap' iPhone XR...
    I get it! The XR is less expansive to make, which means more profit.

    Like for real, the XR isn't even Full HD....

  • DigitallFlesh
    DigitallFlesh 1 gün önce

    I really wish they made an iPhone se replacement at an affordable price. I love my SE. I don’t want a tennis racket sized smartphone.

  • Jonathan Cheah
    Jonathan Cheah 1 gün önce

    I can't afford to buy any of these cuz they are too expensive

  • Jonathan Cheah
    Jonathan Cheah 1 gün önce

    S max = stupid to the maximum?

  • Jonathan Cheah
    Jonathan Cheah 1 gün önce

    S for stupid

  • Faisal Adil
    Faisal Adil 1 gün önce

    Omg i love Apple !!! the fruit.

  • Gustra Tora
    Gustra Tora 1 gün önce

    So boring.

  • Genoch Tuason
    Genoch Tuason 1 gün önce

    This is dumbing humanity

  • Mahesa Rangga
    Mahesa Rangga 1 gün önce

    The design is always beautiful 👌but I guess that's it.. Elon Musk shall take over Apple lol

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh 1 gün önce

    they start clapping when iwatch 3series value depreceates

  • DanShinjo
    DanShinjo 1 gün önce

    They should have called it the iPhone P. Cause it's obviously for poor people that can't buy the 1k phone.

  • PaulFnNY
    PaulFnNY 1 gün önce buy something cool! Smartwatches, mobile accessories, gadgets, drones, VR and MORE!!!

  • Angel Squad69
    Angel Squad69 1 gün önce

    iPhone se 2 rip

  • PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja

    Gosh, eventually ...... dual sims! Then my time to use iPhone then.

  • Macawed
    Macawed 1 gün önce

    They removed the headphone jack, charger hole, and home button. I just came to see if they removed the power button on this one

  • Bill THAREAL
    Bill THAREAL 1 gün önce

    Lol stupid apple users gonna use rent money to get the same phone with new features XD !

  • Bill THAREAL
    Bill THAREAL 1 gün önce

    Apple Products = Over-priced piece of shits

  • Gudiel Ramírez
    Gudiel Ramírez 1 gün önce

    I want all of them!😩

  • Rusa Vegana
    Rusa Vegana 1 gün önce

    If it has a lightsaber, I'll buy it👍