Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

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  • Ur mom Geiy
    Ur mom Geiy Biraz önce

    I showed this to my dog she started to meow

    JOSE RIVERA Biraz önce

    fuk drake

  • GeneralTedious
    GeneralTedious Biraz önce

    All y’all clowns if you think drake would diss a deceased man 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales Biraz önce

    Drake walks like a dumbass

  • Mary Parham
    Mary Parham Biraz önce

    4:22 why!?! 😢😭😭😭

  • paranoya
    paranoya Biraz önce

    Gimme d loot

  • PhD Gaming
    PhD Gaming Biraz önce


  • Twiggier Lake
    Twiggier Lake Biraz önce

    Take a look at my song too, if you got a minute? <3

  • CaM
    CaM Biraz önce

    All respect gone💯🖕🏾🖕🏾

  • Destiny
    Destiny Biraz önce

    LLJ 🕊🖤

  • dabdaddy splash420
    dabdaddy splash420 4 dakika önce

    Using xanax for its labeled use is lit as fuc yo...!!!😶

  • Diar Mecini
    Diar Mecini 5 dakika önce


  • sad giovanna
    sad giovanna 7 dakika önce

    bro 4:23 that literally can be ANY RANDOM PERSON IN THIS FUCKING WORLD stop complaining about shit that doesn’t even exist

  • UnjustEarth290 YT
    UnjustEarth290 YT 8 dakika önce

    4:23 looks like x dying to a metor its a diss track it looks like like if u agree and comment what u think and if we get 1 k likes giveaway on my channel

  • Kalein Taylor
    Kalein Taylor 11 dakika önce

    Drake gay asf always has been always will be

  • Numb X0X0
    Numb X0X0 11 dakika önce

    Drake u a bitch u pussy as nigga.
    You shold've fight X on, 1 on 1
    But u a pussy ass boy for putting x in 4:24 u pussyyy

  • Yo-Beast Entertainment
    Yo-Beast Entertainment 13 dakika önce

    f drake for dissing x. r.i.p x. legends never die

  • aprosniper
    aprosniper 15 dakika önce


  • aprosniper
    aprosniper 15 dakika önce


  • AJeff_21
    AJeff_21 15 dakika önce

    No one gives a shit abt and x diss

  • Darius Toney
    Darius Toney 16 dakika önce

    Drake why you don't think we saw X getting hit by a meteor what's wrong with you RIP X 🙏

  • RChky92 -
    RChky92 - 17 dakika önce

    Can anyone tell me what the point in dissing a dead man is for?

  • omari thomas
    omari thomas 20 dakika önce

    Someone explain the drake and xxxtention thing I don't understand

  • Isaac Chavez
    Isaac Chavez 22 dakika önce

    Rip x

  • Jaycob Gutierrez
    Jaycob Gutierrez 22 dakika önce

    Did any one see x in the vid

  • HardTrapZProduction
    HardTrapZProduction 23 dakika önce

    If your a x fan and you liked this video PLEASE unlike it and watch closer at the video and you'll see why I'm saying this

  • KeyPro64 7
    KeyPro64 7 23 dakika önce

    Fuck u drake what a disrespect to X in 4:22 (srry)i really thought that drake was a good person now Im your hater R.I.P X bro 😔 if u wanna see it good do it on aloe mood

  • Nicolaj Thomsen
    Nicolaj Thomsen 23 dakika önce

    best part is when Swae lee says "Someone Said"

  • Kristin White
    Kristin White 24 dakika önce

    Sickiest music video I've seen

  • Brandon Votion
    Brandon Votion 24 dakika önce

    Was that X getting crushed by the meteor?

  • Caleb Bauer
    Caleb Bauer 24 dakika önce

    I have no respect for drake after seeing 4:23 ......

  • Kristopher Reed
    Kristopher Reed 25 dakika önce

    drake coping moneybaggyo

  • Nome
    Nome 26 dakika önce

    How is a rock falling on someone an x diss?

  • Peace Keeper
    Peace Keeper 27 dakika önce

    A Thing we Can Do is to dislike this video...

  • Chiance Thomas
    Chiance Thomas 27 dakika önce

    I just watched to see where he dissed X 😂

  • ahmed ahmed
    ahmed ahmed 28 dakika önce

    Look, Drake I'm, a huge X fan from Egypt and his songs have a lot of meaning towards me and his to songs helped me from thin to thick. I hope for you to take down this scene or edit this part out from your songs. Also, you dissed again by saying trading Loui bags for body and X had 50 k in his Loui bag when he got murdered. I want to tell you one thing and I know you won't see this, but your songs suck and they don't bring any meaning to life. X songs helped everybody through his problems and in every song that he had put online had story that was related to everybody problems. Please like this comment so Drake and his little douche bag Travis could see this and one last thing Fuck you both Drake and Travis for making the dis.

  • Hashish Queen
    Hashish Queen 29 dakika önce

    @4:24 he disses XxxTentacion? Any Opinions????🤔🤔🤔

  • Peace Keeper
    Peace Keeper 31 dakika önce


  • BeastGuyGreat
    BeastGuyGreat 32 dakika önce

    4:23 is x u can see the hair and hes is wearing that mask that he wore in photoshoots

  • Ceeday ,
    Ceeday , 33 dakika önce