Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test

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  • Is the BBQ Chicken Pizza from CPK tastier from the restaurant or the grocery store? Find out! GMM #1321.1 Watch Part 2: Watch yesterday's episode from the start: Pick up all of the official GMM merch at & exclusive limited edition tees at Follow Rhett & Link: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Snapchat: @realrhettlink Website: Check Out Our Other Mythical Channels: Good Mythical MORE: Rhett & Link: This Is Mythical: Ear Biscuits: Want to send us something? Have you made a Wheel of Mythicality intro video? Submit it here: Intro Animation by Digital Twigs: Intro & Outro Music by Jeff Zeigler & Sarah Schimeneck All Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music: We use ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones
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  • Shiloh Blake
    Shiloh Blake 16 saat önce

    Bob Evans has non-frozen foods in stores, like mac & cheese and mashed potatoes.

  • Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette 1 gün önce

    That bread bowl with broccoli cheddar is life and you really haven’t lived rhet didn’t lie

  • Matthew Hickey
    Matthew Hickey 1 gün önce

    The tgi Friday in the cape cad mall definitely uses frozen food just like at the grocery store. I know because i used to dumpster dive there and had to wade through the boxes

  • Strictly Anime!
    Strictly Anime! 1 gün önce

    I'm just wondering now..
    Does rhett actually want to win games like these?
    Because he's doing it the wrong way.

  • Breanna Kittle
    Breanna Kittle 3 gün önce

    Those 13 seconds without Rhett were weird man

  • Qrows_Nest
    Qrows_Nest 5 gün önce

    Red lobster cheddar biscuits are way better if you add shredded cheese

  • NotSnarl
    NotSnarl 1 hafta önce

    Is this the White Male Only Show? It's 2019...

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 1 hafta önce

    i subscribed and turned on notification bell and i liked the video!

  • Winter Davis
    Winter Davis 1 hafta önce

    I can not eta bred

  • madestmadhatter
    madestmadhatter 1 hafta önce

    You guys need to drink water between tastes.

  • Maci Friedrich
    Maci Friedrich 1 hafta önce

    Did anyone else notice that when they were eating the Cajun chicken pasta from chili’s that the picture they showed of the store bought box said chicken Alfredo?

  • NirmyWizard -SammiiCake
    NirmyWizard -SammiiCake 1 hafta önce

    Link it’s app a tizer not app a teezer

  • Kevin Lalonde
    Kevin Lalonde 1 hafta önce

    Link has little boy bites

    WILLY LYNCH 1 hafta önce

    If link didn't have broccoli in the fist one he tasted then how does he know what broccoli was firmer ?

  • Roken
    Roken 1 hafta önce

    fast food chain vs. frozen products... isn't both the exactly the same?

  • Mattie Constance
    Mattie Constance 1 hafta önce

    I wish she would have said sink😂😂

  • OneEyedGhoulX
    OneEyedGhoulX 1 hafta önce

    Just looking at these frozen foods makes me want one of those frozen foods xD

  • David Martin
    David Martin 2 hafta önce

    Do a macaroni and cheese taste test

  • Jill J
    Jill J 2 hafta önce

    I live on store bought

  • Kazzy Shawny
    Kazzy Shawny 2 hafta önce

    Rhett’s face on the curly fries reveal, my heart sank too

  • David H
    David H 2 hafta önce

    Happy birthday to stink

  • Johana mohana Games
    Johana mohana Games 2 hafta önce

    It has less bacon to save money

  • Shiloh Store
    Shiloh Store 2 hafta önce


  • tdc
    tdc 2 hafta önce

    they are literally making asmr

  • Ella De Giorgio
    Ella De Giorgio 2 hafta önce

    The chicken pasta from the grocery store is cellentani

  • Deafaulty Boi
    Deafaulty Boi 2 hafta önce

    I like the subtitles on the sides of who says them

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 hafta önce

    Pizza and Frasier? Sounds like a plan!

  • aspect
    aspect 3 hafta önce

    The Friday’s Potato Skins are also in chip form.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 hafta önce

    Do Stevie and Lizzie’s prolapse party!

  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey 3 hafta önce

    The Arbys fries are darker because the oil is on its last legs. It needs to be changed instead of just filtered. Plus the fries will taste a tad different because of all the other products cooked in that same oil. If they had cooked the fries in fresh oil they would be as light in color as the store bought version.

  • Tracey Claver
    Tracey Claver 3 hafta önce

    Link says at 2:28 that he’s voting the one on his side as from the store but he does not get a point. Whut upppp Stevie

  • T0xic
    T0xic 4 hafta önce

    Love ur vids

  • Alex Plays
    Alex Plays 4 hafta önce

    The reason it sounded different was because they hit the bowl in a different place

  • JamesBoJones
    JamesBoJones 4 hafta önce

    Rhett seems pretty fed up with this shit.

  • country//420// farmer
    country//420// farmer 4 hafta önce

    Back when Good Mythical Morning filmed in 4k.

  • MauraMars
    MauraMars 4 hafta önce

    Everytime I go to Panera I’m miserable -Link 2k18

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 1 ay önce

    I’m high af but am I the only that notice Rhett and link should be at 4 for 4 he got the potato skin right

  • Sultan Fahad
    Sultan Fahad 1 ay önce

    Rhett at 11:25 thought that they both got it wrong 😂😂💔

  • Maimunah Zailani
    Maimunah Zailani 1 ay önce

    Can you guys please blindfold them lol

  • Monkey mo
    Monkey mo 1 ay önce

    I got so hungry after watching this