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  • Potato God
    Potato God 48 dakika önce

    At 9:58 pm

  • Potato God
    Potato God 48 dakika önce

    I am literally on my bed and drinking chocolate milk

  • Trinayan mohanraj
    Trinayan mohanraj 16 saat önce

    You are wrong MT.everest is the tallest mountain.but not in height,the height which can be seen above the sea.since we can only see the upper part of MT.kea it is not the tallest mountain above the sea.we only count the part which is above the sea not underwater.so he is a lyer lyer pants on fire.if anyone agrees with me smash that like button.

  • Dakota Hardin
    Dakota Hardin 1 gün önce

    Please just take this video down. While a few things on the list are correct, most of them give false pretenses and mislead the public eye. This video caused me to get a headache because of how inaccurate it was at times.

  • Dillon Tebia
    Dillon Tebia 5 gün önce

    snowing is included under preciptation

  • Dillon Tebia
    Dillon Tebia 5 gün önce

    snowing is included under preciptation

  • tec lo
    tec lo 6 gün önce

    FACT, this video is narrated by a mister, or is it a MYTH

  • DJ PJ
    DJ PJ 1 hafta önce

    Straight outta Mythbusters. At least give them credits

  • Brenden Cameron
    Brenden Cameron 1 hafta önce

    This was published on my 13th birthday!

  • Adam Apple
    Adam Apple 1 hafta önce

    So much for the Vaccines and Autism Myth>>>

    Dr. Zimmerman was the government’s top expert witness and had testified that vaccines didn’t cause autism. The debate was declared over.
    But now Dr. Zimmerman has provided remarkable new information. He claims that during the vaccine hearings all those years ago, he privately told government lawyers that vaccines can, and did cause autism in some children.

  • Franco Aglar
    Franco Aglar 1 hafta önce

    I don't know where you got your info ! please double check before posting !

  • Lola Pulkin
    Lola Pulkin 1 hafta önce

    The whole autism caused by vaccines thing doesn’t make since to me because would you rather have your kid die from the flu or tetnis or whichever or have the possibility of your kid getting autism. I’m pretty sure the chance of death should definitely out way the possibility of autism

  • Kerri Lee
    Kerri Lee 1 hafta önce

    What if i doubted this though huh

  • kurichan77
    kurichan77 1 hafta önce

    Yet another channel from the same company using the same narrator.

  • Quasi Modo
    Quasi Modo 1 hafta önce

    wow. we are in 2019 i there are still ppl defending the sugar industry (16 corrupt scientists confirmed..... ) there are more scientist believing in santa. if you call yourself a mythbuster and present wrong information to people than thats a pathetic display....

  • Joseph Fortner
    Joseph Fortner 1 hafta önce

    Says coins can’t derail trains... grabs mr krab fist dime

  • Mo Van Weert
    Mo Van Weert 1 hafta önce

    4:41 Harry Potter reference legends🔥

  • dwayne fien
    dwayne fien 1 hafta önce

    And the moon DOES influence peoples behavior by it being more light out at night, people tend to go a little weird honestly we all have felt it (especially as kids). Much like people who live in areas of the world (above the Arctic circle) who experience days that the sun never rises or never sets (land of the midnight sun).. This is where we get the term 'moon madness' also known as lunacy after the name of the moon, Luna.. and my mind is NOT YOUR WAREHOUSE, otherwise yo would know this stuff..

  • dwayne fien
    dwayne fien 1 hafta önce

    umm, no you're wrong. the HIGHEST mountain is Everest, however the TALLEST is Mauna Kea.. Yeah I know 'splitting hairs, but the point was made incorrectly so it must be FACTUALLY correct..

  • Abigail McDonald
    Abigail McDonald 1 hafta önce

    On the tallest mountain myth, Everest is still the tallest because mountains are measured from sea level up. Mauna Kea is partially under sea level. If you were to raise Mauna Kea above sea level, then yes, myth would be fact. But since it is (Mauna Kea) partially underwater, Everest is still king of the mountains.

  • Jacob Nicolson
    Jacob Nicolson 1 hafta önce

    these are all just basically technicalities

  • Loool YT
    Loool YT 1 hafta önce

    Germs"look,food,attack"King germ"no we have to wait 5 seconds "

    (Looool that is the moats unbelievable myth of them all)

  • loserbritt
    loserbritt 1 hafta önce

    I still believe the moon one sorry

  • roblox0recker
    roblox0recker 2 hafta önce

    2:00, It's true that brain cells don't regenerate... but did you forget about stem cells? I'm not really sure if stem cells can replace brain cells, but it could be possible, just research it. :)

    JUSTO MORO 2 hafta önce

    Ryann Dun car up his ass...lol mtv

  • Diore
    Diore 2 hafta önce

    who tf believes in the 5 secondd rule? videos like these are so uneccessary and annoying

  • Les Archibald
    Les Archibald 2 hafta önce

    You stole the thumbnail from minutephisycs!

  • Jay Boss
    Jay Boss 2 hafta önce

    Vacancies and autism TRIGGERD

  • laeliaan
    laeliaan 3 hafta önce

    The highest mountain one is fucking stupid. We measure mountains in terms of their altitude. Wanna know what altitude is? The number of feet ABOVE SEA LEVEL. The notion that a partially underwater mountain is the “highest” is idiotic. Perhaps if it were phrased like it’s the tallest mountain, yes, because it would be taller than Everest from base to peak; but it is not the highest and we don’t measure mountain height from base to peak.

  • Dylan Freeman
    Dylan Freeman 3 hafta önce

    um the full moon does affect people. one of my family member works in a hospital and she says during full moons theirs alot of crazier people

  • Pretzel Time
    Pretzel Time 3 hafta önce

    I would vaccinate my child even if it gave them autism. I still love them.

  • Apple Gaming Plus
    Apple Gaming Plus 3 hafta önce

    They say dont trust everything on the internet but they researched this hole thing on the internet lol

  • Apple Gaming Plus
    Apple Gaming Plus 3 hafta önce

    This video is stupid

  • Jerry Durant III
    Jerry Durant III 3 hafta önce

    I know of 2 types of acid very common... battery acid, that can melt through old flashlights and devices. Get some on your pants and can melt through your nutsack before you know it. Acid lsd will do the same. So you dont quote acid right.

  • Laurence Pinney
    Laurence Pinney 4 hafta önce

    Sooo ... are you getting a little extra of all that Establishment money for the propaganda about vaccines, and the safety of cellphones?

  • Bluecat princessqueen

    I still believe in the 5 second rule idek why after watching it -.-

  • George T Peppel
    George T Peppel 1 ay önce

    You suck.

  • George T Peppel
    George T Peppel 1 ay önce

    No one thinks that rubber tires prevent your car from being hit by lightning. So many stupid things packed into one video.

  • fadingrosesblues fadingrosesblues

    Vaccine autism, yes

  • Plug 14
    Plug 14 1 ay önce

    The moon affects the tides, I was always told that because we were about 60% water that the moon could affect mood swings in humans. If mobiles are not dangerous why on iPhones in the settings does it tell you they are, and that you should always put them on hands free and not next to your ear. Settings, general, about, scroll down to legal RF exposure, open it and read. It doesn't say cancer but it does give a warning it just doesn't say what for