Gordon Ramsay Meets His Match in Malaysia

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  • Brother Russia
    Brother Russia 3 gün önce

    After the cameras shut off, gordon pounded her clitorial bush

  • Trent Koch
    Trent Koch 1 hafta önce

    Fuhh Ramsay kena sekolahkan dengan mak cik ni..dah 2019 weh aku masih tgok

  • Bô Mập Channel
    Bô Mập Channel 1 hafta önce

    The chemistry is off the chart though. In another world, hope they found each other.

  • DesterN
    DesterN 1 hafta önce

    I watch it several times. Its hillarious and entertaining . Great Chemistry. Why there are 1k dislike?

  • Will Webb
    Will Webb 1 hafta önce

    "That's because you let me touch your bush"

  • rahmat shah
    rahmat shah 1 hafta önce

    Indonesia milik malaysia..
    Doned claim..

  • Adil Mohd
    Adil Mohd 3 hafta önce

    I am Malaysian, and when I hear Gordon Ramsay say “Rendang” I can’t stop laughing. Its butchering the actual pronunciation so much.

  • Kt -chan
    Kt -chan 4 hafta önce

    It's the only way that Malaysian moms teaches their kids to cook.
    " Agak- agak jelah"
    Meaning: just guest.
    We never have proper recipe.

  • Rizky Sant.
    Rizky Sant. 1 ay önce

    Rendang is from indonesiaannnnn

  • Syafinaz
    Syafinaz 1 ay önce

    ....she got startled when he said bush

  • Lelaki Misteri
    Lelaki Misteri 1 ay önce

    Berapa banyak nak taruk gula & garam ?

    Berapa banyak sukatan untuk bahan2 menumis ?

    Ya, majoriti dari kita bila masak kat rumah memang main agak-agak jer. Main campak-campak jer ke dalam kuali, tanpa risau apa-apa, mesti menjadi punya.

    Tak sabar nak tengok auntie ni dalam Agak-agak Cooking Show.

  • crazy maniac
    crazy maniac 1 ay önce

    Seriously. Rendang is a Indonesian food not Malaysian

  • Gamer Hexbane
    Gamer Hexbane 1 ay önce


  • Kia Yuskia
    Kia Yuskia 1 ay önce

    from minangkabau,sumatera barat

  • Kia Yuskia
    Kia Yuskia 1 ay önce

    rendang is from indonesia isn't it

  • Ryan Aulia
    Ryan Aulia 1 ay önce

    Other countries over believe that Rendang From Malaysia. Originality, rendang From Minangkabau (Indonesia). Rendang was brought Minangkabau clan a years ago that Migrated From Minang Land to Negeri Sembilan District. Meanwhile Indonesia have'nt initiative to appear diversity of culinary. One of the most is Rendang.

  • ii Lxbeshari
    ii Lxbeshari 1 ay önce


  • Redzuan Hisham
    Redzuan Hisham 1 ay önce

    Shut up chris jericho

  • Redzuan Hisham
    Redzuan Hisham 1 ay önce


  • Bill Malousis
    Bill Malousis 1 ay önce

    You can see near the end of the clipp that Gordon doesn't realise that you don't automaticly offer to shake a Muslim woman's hand, it's against their beliefs for some Muslim women.

  • john wick
    john wick 2 ay önce

    Oh my god.. what u say chef? Rendang from malay.. im very scary right now coz u hv to deal with Indonesian..hehe #claim

  • Fiore Nero
    Fiore Nero 2 ay önce

    Not trying to offend anyone or anything. But I thought it's Indonesian's food?? If I'm not wrong, it'd even been rank as the first delicious food or what. And as far as I know, we cook it for several hours in Indonesia. There are a lot ethnics in Indonesia including Malay people (melayu, I don't what is it in English, sorry).I guess coz it's a malay's food??? Anyone explains it plz??

  • wwjd0723
    wwjd0723 2 ay önce

    im very inspired by this way of aga aga. I never took Gordon to be an overly precise chef either however.

  • clovks
    clovks 2 ay önce

    That’s because u let me touch ur bush .

  • clovks
    clovks 2 ay önce

    Don’t burn my rendang

  • little levine
    little levine 2 ay önce

    rendang originally from INDONESIA not malaysia

  • Yusof Hardan
    Yusof Hardan 2 ay önce


  • Alice Edrama
    Alice Edrama 2 ay önce

    Is it me or is that gordon is so flirtatious here.

  • Череп Смерти

    The mini food stall with a tasty food.classy and classic

  • lifestyle
    lifestyle 2 ay önce

    Good mam and good deliciose food bravo ramzey😊👍

  • Rai Rahyunajaya
    Rai Rahyunajaya 2 ay önce

    rendang from padang. indonesia this origin food.
    your coming in indonesia. very much food.

  • Becky
    Becky 2 ay önce

    We islanders don't measure things. It's like chase the taste to your your own liking. 😊😍

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 ay önce

    I wouldn't mind some clitorial bush right about now

  • Adrind Azril
    Adrind Azril 2 ay önce

    2:50 Gordon seem so excited here

  • Kennari Chappell
    Kennari Chappell 2 ay önce

    do you husband play in your bush

  • Ishtiaque Ahmed
    Ishtiaque Ahmed 2 ay önce

    Too much AGA AGA is annoying.

  • Ishtiaque Ahmed
    Ishtiaque Ahmed 2 ay önce

    That's Gordon's mom.

  • Illyrus Emperor
    Illyrus Emperor 2 ay önce

    I find her very sexy

  • Hard Candy
    Hard Candy 2 ay önce

    "Don't be shy, Gordon. Just pour the damn thing out." lel

  • ratih puspa ningrum
    ratih puspa ningrum 2 ay önce

    Actually,Rendang is an authentic Indonesian dish form Western Sumatra not form Malaysia