Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

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  • Teagun Linger
    Teagun Linger 1 gün önce

    I never thought I would agree with anything ESPN had to say, but it’s finally happened.

  • Fortu Mohlala
    Fortu Mohlala 2 gün önce

    The umpire took away the victory from Osaka? Okay Max.

  • takhilah1
    takhilah1 5 gün önce

    Let me  just say that iv seen far too many disrespectful white people and rude white people than there are blacks. Whites are always rude and lack respect. Why now r they making it a ghetto thing? Coz while Serena was still in the hood she wasn't this argumental till she moved to white neighborhoods. Yall should stop talkin shit.

  • Anton Wereta
    Anton Wereta 1 hafta önce

    There's literally no question she us in the wrong it's a fucken meltdown. Pushing stupid sexism angles etc is just the weakest thing she could of done, and she done it lol

  • rolf778
    rolf778 1 hafta önce

    “Ur not gonna be in the court of mine as long as u live”
    “U owe me apology”
    “Say it say sorry now”
    “I have a daughter I would never cheat”

    Fuck this entitled ape..

  • Joey Ridzwan
    Joey Ridzwan 1 hafta önce

    Being a man who desperately demands for equality and fairness, I propose for the same 5-set match being used against WTA grand slam tournaments. While Sharapova might have put her vocal chord at risk, Serena might have literally turn white at the beginning of fourth game.

    Talking about gender bias..

  • Myranda Diaz
    Myranda Diaz 2 hafta önce


  • Myranda Diaz
    Myranda Diaz 2 hafta önce

    this white guy gotta go. STFU

  • john knowing
    john knowing 2 hafta önce

    ESPN FAKE democrat lib news this is what really went down!!
    Democrats cant even stop their Hate in Tennis Serana says she doesn't do politics LIAR shes comment about women equal pay WTF of the 3 richest tennis players in the world, 2 are WOMEN!! Out of he top 10 richest tennis players in the world 5 are WOMEN!!! Serena Williams because of endorsement shes worth 180 MILLION. Dem CNN etc FAKE news B.S. again as usual This is WHY CNN ratings news cant even beat Nick ad Night Dics Ch, etc etc Yet you Dems listen to your FAKE NEWS channels and think YOU know whats going on in America YOU dems are FOOLS LOONS to STUPID to LOOK up the REAL story and truths Even after that your COMMON Sense goes down the drain This is WHY you Dems couldn't even beat a guy off the street for Pres lololol

  • Justin Ellender
    Justin Ellender 2 hafta önce

    Didn't get to Stephen's part but holy shit this white dude has no idea what he is fucking saying

  • Tommaso Pini
    Tommaso Pini 2 hafta önce

    Both serena and the umpire were wrong. There are men that are able to say worse things without beeing punished. And that was also a grand slam final you can’t give a game penality for something like that..

  • Psycho Slayer
    Psycho Slayer 2 hafta önce

    Oml... The sexist card.. ugh not surprised. It’s so tacky the way she behaved and her little temper tantrum took away from the girl who won. Scumbag. Maybe play the game and be level headed. If you didn’t act like a child this would have happened. Get that ego in check, girl.

  • मार्तण्ड उर्फ मारू

    i lost my respect for serena... ironically not a good sport!

  • Marquis Vegan
    Marquis Vegan 3 hafta önce

    just to revisit this I told all you Osaka bandwagons that Serena is the goat haha fuck out of here now y'all hush mode and don't have shit to say now yall can finally stfu

  • NextYear44
    NextYear44 4 hafta önce

    Sloane Stephens came out on top in a match, between the two most recent US Open champions. The 2017 champion beat Naomi Osaka 7-5, 4-6, 6-1 on Monday, 10/22/18 at the WTA Finals, the season-ending tournament for the top eight players in the world.
    Both players are making their debut appearances at the tournament, but Stephens was more composed while Osaka, who became the first Japanese player to win a grand slam title last month in New York, never seemed comfortable. You Win some , and you lose some, Just ask Serena.

  • MidNiteR32
    MidNiteR32 1 ay önce

    It's funny that SAS and Max say they are against sexism but they both treat Molly like a side hoe who doesn't exist, they constantly talk over her and never let say anything.

  • Micheal Fergerson
    Micheal Fergerson 1 ay önce

    I agree, yes tennis is sexist but he just don’t like the Williams

  • John
    John 1 ay önce

    People who believe Serena was right are either stupid or ignorant.

  • TheCpHaddock
    TheCpHaddock 1 ay önce

    First time I agree with Stephen A.

  • Patricia the booke
    Patricia the booke 1 ay önce

    I love Serena even more after watching this tennis match, standing up for yourself doesn't make you an angry black woman people should seriously think before speaking, the umpire owes her an apology.

  • K P
    K P 1 ay önce

    No one see how evil the gorrilla whas and she whas playing good evil bitch

  • Jumper Guy
    Jumper Guy 1 ay önce

    The referee's alleged JUDGMENT call didn't cost Serena SHIT!  All she got was a WARNING! point deduction...probably no fine in the long run if that was where it ended.  But it DIDN'T end there.  Serena kept the fire going.  She then slammed her racket into the ground - a point deduction....she THEN continue to harp on the referee, first telling HIM not to talk to HER, then addressing him again directly, complaining....and then called him a thief!!  THAT is what cost her the GAME!  She didn't like him penalizing her for receiving coaching - which was only a WARNING!.....and she imploded after that.  These commentators are BOTH PUSSIES...Steven A. is just a little less of one in this discussion.

  • Mike Lehman
    Mike Lehman 1 ay önce

    I dont believe Serena was going to win this one against Naomi anyways.

  • Mike Lehman
    Mike Lehman 1 ay önce

    All the players know he is hardcore and they all know not to push him too far because he will uphold the rules.

  • pf243
    pf243 1 ay önce

    thanxxx white guy! for saying entirely what i have been repeating all along!

  • Marian Nestos
    Marian Nestos 1 ay önce

    "It looked like she will win"
    When did it look like that? After losing the first set 6-2? For tennis, this is not even close, a 6-2 set is embarassing...

  • Chambers Heros
    Chambers Heros 1 ay önce

    Serena willian forget one thing in sports world nowadays. Folks r training with entire different gym ewuipment n technology. Serena u can sit there thinking that other folks in sports gona fold up their hands watching u going history, no is not. U have to update ur training technique otherwise u may be second instead of first.

  • dawormly
    dawormly 1 ay önce

    Has serena williams apologised yet?

  • Rick Roll
    Rick Roll 1 ay önce

    Max Keller afraid to criticize a black woman out of fear for being called racist. He's a typical virtue signaling leftist SJW that has to treat non-whites/minorities as if they helpless infants that are always the victims and can do no wrong. When are we going to stop coddling people and start holding them responsible for their actions? At some point there must be personal accountability. I'm tired of the constant excuses for these people that whine and complain. Honestly it's sickening and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Michael O'Hara
    Michael O'Hara 1 ay önce

    Serena cheated. And all She had to do is shut up. She was warned. Mcenroe had games taken from him, in a very similar circumstance. I looked it up and watched it.

  • NextYear44
    NextYear44 1 ay önce

    Just think of all the other players serena has played in her storied career. Just think of how long she stayed Number One, Her Slams, Serena unfair treatment, with racist, sexism under tones, her being able to be number one in women sports for the last three years , and that includes being off to give birth, get married, and start her recovery process. There are many Haters, but there are also many who love, and adore Serena. And while Haters hate, Serena will stay focus, and live another day. When she leave Tennis that will surely be a sad day , in Women (Tennis) sports. And long after Serena will have hung her Rackets up there will be so many who will strive to reach her peak in tennis. Many will struggle, fight, have melt down, scream and shout to try their level best to be just like this Tennis Icon!!

  • bek Foletti
    bek Foletti 1 ay önce

    she is a bad loserbi still think she is got issues from her pregnacy. a d needs to. e a full time muminstead of tryi g to be centre of attension I feel sry for the japanese girl but thats selfish williams for u

  • peasants are revolting

    Funny, men have been dealing with this across all sports. Hell, tom brady was suspended during part of a season just from allegations made. I can't stand tom brady, but I never seen unequivocal proof that he did what they said he did.

  • Tashi Topden
    Tashi Topden 1 ay önce

    The bottom line is Serena Williams was wrong and am sorry to say but that’s not the way a role model behaves.She has lost my respect .kudos to the chair umpire for doing his job .The way the people at the presentation spoke and the crowd reaction was a disgrace .Naomi Osaka deserved better.She is a worthy champion .

  • Alejandro Zuniga
    Alejandro Zuniga 1 ay önce

    So for pro players rules dont apply? 100%?

  • Chase Wong
    Chase Wong 1 ay önce

    What is this? ESPN Enter snowflake pissed network

  • MrCupse
    MrCupse 1 ay önce

    white ppl like this guy weak scared that want to kiss ass of every race esp black coz they are delusional and brainwashed into hating their own race are pathetic disgusting and i wish breed of white ppl like them would just die by my next morning. u need TO BE SUCH a beta to support some other race bashing and discriminating ur own race and a total moron to not see wahts right and whats wrong

  • Adrienne Ali
    Adrienne Ali 1 ay önce

    Stephen A. Smith we all know you're caught up in the belly of the beast. You can't speak your mind when you've sold your soul to the devil.

  • lino klein meuleman
    lino klein meuleman 1 ay önce

    Screaming lefties !

  • Vlad Haiducu
    Vlad Haiducu 1 ay önce

    The rules are rules. The chair man is right and he is not sexist. Serena had a very unprofessional state. The man said bad things but it was a for a short amount of time but she kept going. There is a rule: if you argue about fault or a point, that is forbidden and a penalty