Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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  • Lol Accident
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  • Mathew Whitehouse
    Mathew Whitehouse Biraz önce

    Cassidy is golden Freddy’s real name

  • Optix Animations
    Optix Animations Biraz önce

    You said at 5:30 that Micheal burns with the rest of his family.
    Spring trap- William ( his father)
    Baby- His sister ?
    Leftie- (Henry’s daughter Elizabeth) ?
    Freddy Mask- his brother?
    Night guard- Micheal
    Is this right?

  • i am roadkill
    i am roadkill Biraz önce

    So Matpat, I bet a lot of people already know this but if you plug in the number sequence into the word search instead of the number grid, you actually get a name. Charolette. So if that’s the name of golden Freddy, I have a theory of the puppet. In the ending where you get all the savage animatronics together, the narrator (whoever he is) cuts of which I can only presume to be baby, and says “Alyssa, if you still even remember that name” and then later goes on to call the puppet his daughter and how he apologizes that he couldn’t be there for when the innocent happened. Idk just I thought it seemed important

  • Clarissa Chenault
    Clarissa Chenault Biraz önce

    Has anyone been paying attention to Scott's website? Fnaf (for some odd reason) shows blank to me and just shows the fnaf location (looks like 3) with the phrase stating "Things get worst" above that is two boxes with question Marks inside them. Mattpat! Do you have any idea what he means by that?

  • ConnorVSGames
    ConnorVSGames 1 dakika önce

    okay what was video at 18:14 wat

  • Mack Endres
    Mack Endres 2 dakika önce

    😮😮😮😮😲😲😲😲😧😧😧🙀 what the bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp

  • Toughanemone
    Toughanemone 4 dakika önce

    What if mike was the one who took upon Fred Bear

  • GrannyKnickers!
    GrannyKnickers! 4 dakika önce

    Man your so good

  • Lucy Cabrera
    Lucy Cabrera 5 dakika önce

    Golden freddys name is cassidy

  • Werewolf Tribe
    Werewolf Tribe 6 dakika önce

    Fnaf juniors is the reason that more animatronics are TOY animatronics JR is for kids with a younger age and the reason Williams fired is because of his child rapidly coming and hiding from his father because of the rapid scares from the nightmares BOOM THEORY SOLVED

  • Raytrt// RayTheRedstoneTorch

    Love the theme song for this

  • candy xoxo
    candy xoxo 12 dakika önce

    I know goldens name it's casedy he's a girls souls trapped in the golden fready's suit

  • Richardo
    Richardo 20 dakika önce

    Midnight Motorist is my favorite mini game from FFPS.
    I knew it was important.

    Also, William is orange because Scott doesn’t want it to be to obvious.

  • Animitsu
    Animitsu 25 dakika önce

    I died at the intro

  • ChasmaHyena
    ChasmaHyena 28 dakika önce

    What does it's me mean, if it's not the brother?

  • Faris Fajar
    Faris Fajar 31 dakika önce

    where is the usual opening of game theory ?

  • Im a cat Meow
    Im a cat Meow 32 dakika önce

    Hey matpat how about the phone guy call in fnaf 2 about foxy his favorites

  • EmxlyyyBxnn
    EmxlyyyBxnn 41 dakika önce

    Do you have a gaming Channel I want to see you play it

  • foxythefox
    foxythefox 42 dakika önce

    Did anyone notice how the lap at the home in sister location is the same in fnaf four in the hallways

  • quinten vlaminck
    quinten vlaminck 46 dakika önce

    no its fredbear pizza!!!!!

  • Joseph Iorio
    Joseph Iorio 46 dakika önce

    Why would baby Michael go to freddys (that place again) if he's deathly afraid of animatronics because he witnessed Elizabeth getting scooped

  • MKS
    MKS 51 dakika önce

    I’m so sorry for a lot of scripts that I just realized that mike could be spring trap the reason behind this is that in the point of the foxy go go go mini game it says that purple guy is visible in the corner and in the spring lock failure ties with the book of saying scars across his body and mike is now the second purple guy

  • Brayden Anglesey
    Brayden Anglesey 53 dakika önce

    I thought of something really disturbing...
    What if the bite victim (Michael) was brought back to life through his older brother? What if now they share the same body and through remnant he was brought back to life?

  • ben gouma
    ben gouma 57 dakika önce

    So i know how the crying child survived well he didn’t butt the fredbear plush says “i will put you back togheter” and thats why mike threw up robot pieces becuase de freadbear plush put him back togheter thats what i think

  • MKS
    MKS 57 dakika önce

    And also how did afton be the bigger brother if purple guy was in FNAF 4 at the party

  • MKS
    MKS 59 dakika önce

    Matpat I may by righting this script found out about the dream theory. At the end of FNAF 4 that he’s in the party alone without Afton and the plushies and the FNAF 5 completed theme song is a party sounded in FNAF 4 at Mike’s birthday party

  • Wilfred Hellum
    Wilfred Hellum 59 dakika önce

    Why does Baby say icecream all the time?

  • Firefox gamer123
    Firefox gamer123 59 dakika önce

    Well the party for michal afton = purple guy and he is dead and burned and wha ????? And he killed people with him so....
    Hes lonely in death ? Or is he allusional?

  • Benjamin Padilla
    Benjamin Padilla 1 saat önce

    If lefty has the puppet the puppet can’t give the kid souls to anybody

  • Brandon Finley
    Brandon Finley 1 saat önce

    What if Golden Freddie is filled with the original soul of Michael Afton? Maybe the "It's Me" messages are because,'s him. The character you're playing as.

  • Firefox gamer123
    Firefox gamer123 1 saat önce

    1:25 This is my life in fnaf

  • Cringe Kid
    Cringe Kid 1 saat önce

    The way you know Mike survived the bite, is because Phone Guy says how it is surprising a child can survive without his frontol lobe.

  • Maia Johnson
    Maia Johnson 1 saat önce

    Is it bad that I dont really get it..?

  • Icee Kitsune
    Icee Kitsune 1 saat önce

    he is wrong about the willem be the yellow guy if you talk to the candy cadet and you get the story of the 5 orfens you can enter the closed room after you see the foot prints and get an ester egg

  • Christopher Carrow
    Christopher Carrow 1 saat önce

    Decides to? You know you get locked in the room in fnaf 6

  • Willybb17
    Willybb17 1 saat önce

    Hey matpat golden freddy real name is Cassidy

  • John Sonnichsen
    John Sonnichsen 1 saat önce

    my brain cant take this anymore!!!

  • - AnActualDoggo- -
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    0:00 oooooooooooooooh 0:18 ....kaaay

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