Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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  • Ali Zengin
    Ali Zengin 12 dakika önce

    Omg...I can't wait 8 March 2019.

  • Hoàng Lâm
    Hoàng Lâm 16 dakika önce

    1:50 WOW

  • UFO bnb
    UFO bnb 38 dakika önce

    Yalls marvel fan's should watch aquaman rn,the best movie of dc than college girl be a king of marvel

  • Stefan Ra
    Stefan Ra 45 dakika önce

    Movie industry is crap now because of DC and Marvel. Dark Knight trilogy was the last superhero movie that could be watched by everyone. Avengers should have ended with Ultron and that is it. Now it's all about cgi and cheesy braindead jokes to make braindead audience laugh. Hope Joker delivers though since it takes a good actor, face makeup, and a story that will make you feel for the movie and the character/s... No super strength, no flying, no bullshit! That stuff should remain in the comic books...

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson 52 dakika önce


  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 1 saat önce

    Stan DreamWorks SHE-RA on Netflix!

    AKU THE DESTROYER 1 saat önce

    I hope it's the cat that takes Fury's eye out

  • Self Study
    Self Study 1 saat önce

    Please reborn me or don't make these fiction movies

  • debkamal mullick
    debkamal mullick 2 saat önce

    Who is here just because they want to know what happens as thanos smiles into the sunlight?

  • Saiko Wylde
    Saiko Wylde 2 saat önce

    Marvel's very first and last female superhero movie and that is Captain Marvel.

    Meanwhile, the DCEU is developing more female superhero films such as Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Supergirl, Gotham City Sirens and etc.

  • 제이비DEF.licious
    제이비DEF.licious 3 saat önce

    Honestly I still dont like the actress, non even the tone of her voice, but yeah!! This gonna be the 1st (hopefully) of a trilogy or more Idk I want to be possitive to the idea of the first Marvel woman superhero, I'll watch it and hope it to be amazing, I have the feel that that last scene full will be one of the Best of the movie. Visually, you already got me Marvel! Now give me a good plot and good actings (y)

  • Dávid Laťák
    Dávid Laťák 4 saat önce

    whats that at the end of trailer?....super saiyajin transformation? :D

  • Sinpatty
    Sinpatty 4 saat önce

    RIP Thanos

  • Shardool Parashar
    Shardool Parashar 5 saat önce

    Chris evans did more acting just by crying than brie did in the whole trailer😂😂😂

  • kambaala yashwanth
    kambaala yashwanth 6 saat önce

    did you subscribed?
    that's Just a yes or no question.

  • Robert Moreno
    Robert Moreno 7 saat önce

    She's hot but that movie is 🗑

  • SamuelFTD Gaming
    SamuelFTD Gaming 8 saat önce

    I thought nick fury is dead

  • Zaceria Buddy
    Zaceria Buddy 8 saat önce

    When you look closely at the part with nick fury and the cat, you will see that he put his hand under the cats collar to see its name then the cat put its paw on his hand, so that means she was trained by someone.

  • big baby josh
    big baby josh 8 saat önce

    2:12 CAPTAIN MARVEL - "Don't worry Ms.Pops I'm going to find TONY"

  • Rama Vegesna
    Rama Vegesna 8 saat önce

    I mean..come on guys...Marvel movies/trailers are good for most of the time...But some do suck...and this looks like one...No excitement in the trailer.. Brie Larson might won an Oscar..that doesnt make her a perfect fit for every role..This looks so dull and boring..

  • Romelo Mayes
    Romelo Mayes 9 saat önce

    "Noble Warrior Heroes"

  • ed s
    ed s 9 saat önce

    I like how it says "This film is not yet rated." as if it's not going to be PG-13.

    Ok...bring it Marvel Studios. Let's see the first Rated-R MCU movie begin with Captain Marvel and put me into a shivering state of shock with the level of violence and destruction that Carol Danvers in Binary can cause upon the universe beyond a PG-13 rating. Let's see it.

  • Chad Shadow
    Chad Shadow 9 saat önce

    🤔 I don’t care what anyone says I hope galactus make a appearance

  • Justin Reagan
    Justin Reagan 9 saat önce

    1:44 was that Ronan

  • Lovelynn Pancho
    Lovelynn Pancho 9 saat önce

    if new spy tooo captain marvel

  • Varsha Indrasani
    Varsha Indrasani 10 saat önce

    Did anyone notice Ronin the accuser at 1:44

  • Thomas G
    Thomas G 10 saat önce

    These women are so freaking fake, I can't stand this crap.

  • Chase Dawson
    Chase Dawson 10 saat önce

    Marvel: With HER... With A HERo
    Us: ... Shut up.

  • notgordan
    notgordan 10 saat önce

    I'm just here for the dykes.

  • Channers22
    Channers22 11 saat önce

    Not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons, like this woman should.

  • Quan Nguyen
    Quan Nguyen 11 saat önce

    Hope trailer 2 of Avengers Endgame will come soon

  • G Valcrine
    G Valcrine 11 saat önce

    imagine that is tony stark become kree 😁 over overpowerd

  • Ангел василев

    My biggest gripe with this is that "noble warrior heroes" line. Seriously, noble warriors isn't good enough for you, you just had to correct him and throw that in there as well. I mean how humble can you get amarite.

  • SCORPIO06061988
    SCORPIO06061988 11 saat önce

    lol am I the only one who thought I heard her say Gary @2:07 ? - I was like huh, the Cats called Gary in the MCU version eh?, then I read that the Cats new name was Goose (it's called Chewie in the comics), so I was thinking....... mmmm ooooooh k, so is she calling Nick Fury Gary? Just re-watched it now and realised she was saying 'Fury' all along! :P lol

  • Matthew Woods
    Matthew Woods 12 saat önce

    -a race of noble warrior heroes.”

    Somehow get the feeling that she and Maui from Moana would get along quite well...

  • Frank Wei
    Frank Wei 12 saat önce

    Gonna silently repost this comment because this was hilarious.

    Nick Fury: The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye.
    Steve Rogers: Who?

    Thinks about the moment the cat was clawing his eye out.

    Nick Fury: Hydra. Definitely Hydra.

  • Savie Vere
    Savie Vere 12 saat önce

    Is it me or does the Skrull makeup effect look awful

  • IamPandora Bitches
    IamPandora Bitches 12 saat önce

    I can't even count high enough to describe how long I've waited for this.

  • Jovana Mitrovic
    Jovana Mitrovic 12 saat önce


  • Aleli Tolentino
    Aleli Tolentino 13 saat önce