GIANT LEGO CAKE & Super Exciting Announcement! | How To Cake It

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  • This week Yolanda made a GIANT LEGO CAKE! These lego block cakes stack perfectly! CAMP CAKE IS BACK!! Opt in to our VIP list now for an entry to my MEGA PRIZE PACK giveaway! SUBSCRIBE & Hit The Notification Bell For New Vids! This week, make sure you check out our NEW Step By Step Video... This week, we're welcoming new HTCI family member Megan who is COOKIE-ing it up with a Beautiful Winter Outfit. Check it out here! While You Are There, Don`t Forget To Subscribe!!! Love the TEES I wear? Get one of your own EVERY MONTH by joining my Cake Tee Club! ON SALE NOW - Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! My novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes - giant versions of foods, gross stuff like brains, movie characters and some of my favorite things! Basically, I love to build stuff out of cake, buttercream, fondant, candy, cookies and anything sweet! Starting with 13lbs of my Ultimate Chocolate Cake, I’m building different sized blocks stacked with Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream, folding in Skor bits, and hiding a Kit Kat surprise! It got all sealed in with some sweet Italian Meringue Buttercream, and topped off with my classic fondant details - these cakes are ready for your imagination to run wild with! Check out the full recipe here: Got an idea for a cake? I'd love to hear it - subscribe & comment below! FOLLOW ME: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest - VIDEO TUTORIALS of my Basic Recipes for this MERMAID CAKE: My Ultimate Vanilla Cake - My Italian Meringue Buttercream - Learn ALL my Basic Recipes Here - MY BASIC RECIPES: My ITALIAN MERINGUE BUTTERCREAM - My ULTIMATE VANILLA CAKE - My SIMPLE SYRUP - KEY SUPPLIES FOR THIS CAKE: The How To Cake It Shop Is Full Of My Fave Tools - Get Your Very Own SIR SQUEEZE-A- LOT & Fun-elle Combo Here - My Exclusive BUNDLES Are Filled With LOTS Of Amazing Tools & Materials You’ll Need For Baking & Gifting - If you want to take your FONDANT skills to the next level go here - THE HOW TO CAKE IT TEAM Editor: Orhan Sumen || Cinematographer: Jeremy Kohm || Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi ||
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  • Naidelyn Roblero
    Naidelyn Roblero 10 saat önce

    I heard that you cut yourself while making this cake and video,

  • Ivelisse Reyes Nunez
    Ivelisse Reyes Nunez 15 saat önce

    Always beautiful cakes ALWAYS
    but a lil less talking

  • Untouchable Gamer
    Untouchable Gamer 2 gün önce

    pie slice

  • Serena McIntyre
    Serena McIntyre 2 gün önce

    I'm actually going to make this for my boyfriend's 20th birthday, he is obsessed with lego, in the last month I think he has spent nearly or over $500 on lego

  • Tamyha Bennett
    Tamyha Bennett 5 gün önce

    Pumpkin pie

  • Hyria Blackwood
    Hyria Blackwood 5 gün önce

    Pumpkin pie cake!!!!! WooHoo

  • rylin guilford
    rylin guilford 1 hafta önce

    0:18 isn’t it always ultimate

  • Cinederlla Negron
    Cinederlla Negron 1 hafta önce

    Any Recommendations on how to learn to make cake like that

  • Marianne Whorrall
    Marianne Whorrall 1 hafta önce

    pumpkin pie

  • Jill Pritchard
    Jill Pritchard 1 hafta önce

    Totally Royal, Oh, and the Stabbing of anything you work hard at seems to be quite normal at this age I am finding out! My Grandson got ahold of the BUTTERKNIFE and butchered his 6th year old birthday cake. You couldn’t tell it was even a cake, looked like the batter to make Cakepops which I hate! But he did have fun and we just spooned pieces of it up and had ice cream on top. The cake was delicious and very little leftover. I even kept cool 😎. It was all great fun anyway! Happy birthday to your Son.

  • ah_ shaz_
    ah_ shaz_ 1 hafta önce

    Where jocelyn ???

  • Nor Qistina
    Nor Qistina 1 hafta önce

    Omg this so amazing❤

  • Chad Haggerty
    Chad Haggerty 2 hafta önce

    CRUMBCOAT AND CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dasyah Siller
    Dasyah Siller 2 hafta önce

    Love watching this and I’m a newbie to the subs so welcome me with likes

  • Gandhi the rapist boi 7000 thats my cats name

    Let's hope nobody accidentally stepped on them

  • Ebony Bonner
    Ebony Bonner 2 hafta önce

    Make a crumb coat and chill megaphone cake plzzzzz

  • Jella Bella
    Jella Bella 2 hafta önce

    the cake was a pie cake

  • Jagwaseni Banerjee
    Jagwaseni Banerjee 2 hafta önce

    "you know what I'm gonna do this weekend..make six lego bricks.. that's what I'm gonna do"😂😂

  • Audra Toler
    Audra Toler 2 hafta önce

    Soooo I’m watching “cake wars” right now... guess whose the special guest?!?

  • Dance Nation Vids
    Dance Nation Vids 2 hafta önce

    Can u make a cookies and cream milkshake cake pls

  • Syed Hussain
    Syed Hussain 2 hafta önce

    Ok this time I will

  • Syed Hussain
    Syed Hussain 2 hafta önce

    Is it just me or do you guys watch how to cake it but never do it

  • Syed Hussain
    Syed Hussain 2 hafta önce

    You should bring your son in one of the videos

  • Dolphin Gaines
    Dolphin Gaines 2 hafta önce

    wow xan you make me one

  • Madd Shumaker
    Madd Shumaker 3 hafta önce

    I love the seam hider

  • Madd Shumaker
    Madd Shumaker 3 hafta önce

    I made your m and m cake.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 3 hafta önce

    You have way to much time on your hands. Respect

  • Regina Soto
    Regina Soto 3 hafta önce

    Tell ur son I said happy birthday and hello and my b day is the 13 th of November and alive your shows

  • Regina Soto
    Regina Soto 3 hafta önce

    You are so lazy😴 if u r thinking about a 🎤 use headphones instead I use them everytime u lamoooooo

  • Regina Soto
    Regina Soto 3 hafta önce

    I wish I could bake with you

  • Regina Soto
    Regina Soto 3 hafta önce

    I love your cakes you are amazing

  • Fish Nipples
    Fish Nipples 3 hafta önce

    Holy crap I remember when you made his 1 1/2 birthday cake....

    I refuse to believe it was that long ago

  • Saidah Nixon
    Saidah Nixon 3 hafta önce

    I watched the episode of nailed it that your in😘I love your vids

  • alexysJonn Eklund
    alexysJonn Eklund 3 hafta önce

    Pumpkin pie it what you are making next week

  • Brianna Pineda
    Brianna Pineda 3 hafta önce

    Pumpkin pie cake

  • Anija Shivers
    Anija Shivers 3 hafta önce

    Happy bday to ur son

  • Katherine Sweet
    Katherine Sweet 3 hafta önce

    We made a lego cake but covered Oreos for the pegs

  • Jada-Rose339
    Jada-Rose339 3 hafta önce

    I love the crumb coat and chill megaphone like if u do too

  • Addison Becker
    Addison Becker 3 hafta önce

    Hi I cannot do camping cake because My friends birthday is in December Andrew birthday Party is going to be a sleep over on December 15

  • donica flemming
    donica flemming 3 hafta önce

    Its a slice of pumkin pie