Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams Biraz önce

    Defo gonna get "The mountain's still loud, hold on Bob!" on a t-shirt. :L

  • abby Hatfield
    abby Hatfield Biraz önce

    That painting is actually beautiful and I want to buy it tbh

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato Biraz önce

    (Please up vote it would mean a lot)
    Hi Jenna I think it might be to late and you might have already recorded a video but if you see this and if you can could you wish my sister happy birthday she is turning 12 her name is Abby and she has been watching you for about four years and it would really mean a lot to her

  • Carina Wehren
    Carina Wehren Biraz önce

    You did so good

  • SnackeyG
    SnackeyG Biraz önce

    “I also like trees.” 🤔

  • Griffin Turner
    Griffin Turner Biraz önce


  • AuguSt sHort
    AuguSt sHort 3 dakika önce

    Your painting is beautiful

  • Jazmin Benitez
    Jazmin Benitez 9 dakika önce

    Ooooh cheeeeeet beetchhhh

  • Lilly
    Lilly 12 dakika önce

    I beat the devil out of the like button for this video

  • Joanna R
    Joanna R 12 dakika önce

    Jenna!! You did a really sweet job, from the painting itself to your respect for our good man, Bob Ross 🎨 awesome job!

  • Evelyn Dill
    Evelyn Dill 14 dakika önce

    Linseed oil

  • Shelby Tooker
    Shelby Tooker 17 dakika önce

    she did soo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josephine Brewer
    Josephine Brewer 20 dakika önce

    Look at her go.

  • Dessy The Awkward
    Dessy The Awkward 22 dakika önce

    You did great on the bottom but the sky was your main problem lol. Not being judgmental. I like it a lot.

  • Jelte Goemans
    Jelte Goemans 23 dakika önce

    My mountain is loud tho

  • Tinycooki3
    Tinycooki3 25 dakika önce

    I would buy that painting

  • That poetry girl
    That poetry girl 29 dakika önce

    DUDE you did amazing and I love how seriously you took this and how you spoke about Bob! Cudos and happy Birthday

  • Cait Ponte
    Cait Ponte 29 dakika önce

    I laughed so hard, probably out of sheer enjoyment. This was amazing. Great job Jenna, you’re awesome!

  • Braydan Robinson
    Braydan Robinson 30 dakika önce

    Happy birthday

  • Azerith YT
    Azerith YT 32 dakika önce

    why does this look nice

  • aesthetic
    aesthetic 32 dakika önce

    i finally found a bob ross painting tutorial that someone actually remembered the paint thinner lmao

  • Tyler Sanchez
    Tyler Sanchez 33 dakika önce

    It actually looks pretty good! Allot better than what I can do lol, I can make portraits with ballpoint pen but when it comes to paint I can’t even make a tree😭

  • CrystalDeezNutz
    CrystalDeezNutz 33 dakika önce

    how did yours pull through and lok that good LOL

  • LolzorCommentor100
    LolzorCommentor100 36 dakika önce


  • Patience Willitts
    Patience Willitts 45 dakika önce

    Please do more of these

  • Olivia McLoughlin
    Olivia McLoughlin 46 dakika önce


  • Dollie Fashion email
    Dollie Fashion email 49 dakika önce


  • gothicanarchist
    gothicanarchist 49 dakika önce

    wow jenna, you did great!! do another art are actually really good :)

  • Meta Shambles
    Meta Shambles 49 dakika önce

    It's beautiful Jenna!! <3

  • DanielAndGeneva Koster
    DanielAndGeneva Koster 50 dakika önce

    Happy Birthday! I loved this so much- please do more of this!

  • Jenine Comito
    Jenine Comito 53 dakika önce

    I watch all your videos it’s so nice to see some who loves iggys they are a intresting breed of dog I miss my so so much his name was giovanni

  • sadcatgirl 900
    sadcatgirl 900 54 dakika önce

    This is amazing

  • Hannah
    Hannah 57 dakika önce


  • Alexandra Falkenberg
    Alexandra Falkenberg 58 dakika önce

    I mean, it turned out really good. I would hang that painting on my wall at home!

  • Lynelle Violin
    Lynelle Violin 1 saat önce

    Okay but damn Jenna that actually isn’t bad at all

  • Sealiza Brown
    Sealiza Brown 1 saat önce

    jenna that's actually really good!

  • Jackie De Leon
    Jackie De Leon 1 saat önce

    She reminds me of Cermet in this video omg

  • Kamaria Denny
    Kamaria Denny 1 saat önce

    You did amazing.

  • Daija Terry
    Daija Terry 1 saat önce

    “You already made a mountain Bob?” 😂😂😂💀

  • Flynn Niccolo
    Flynn Niccolo 1 saat önce

    The water and the mountains are beautiful.