Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty

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  • Get the recipe! - Follow Alix on instagram for more delicious food adventures @majortraeger Raindrop Cake® is a registered trademark owned by Darren Wong. Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here: Check us out on Facebook! - Credits: MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( STILLS /BuzzMoji VIDEO Footage provided by VideoBlocks (
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  • Meeri Hund Pferd
    Meeri Hund Pferd 22 dakika önce

    She bought a bowl without a bottom edge because it has no bottom edge and then puts this bowl in another bowl with a bottom edge because it has no bottom edge.....

  • gatan_arya _kazema
    gatan_arya _kazema 36 dakika önce

    Pornstar 😏

  • TheBreadHead s
    TheBreadHead s 1 saat önce

    How is Alex so...
    2. Pretty
    Also like if u noticed that I skipped number 7 :)

  • Angel Lejano
    Angel Lejano 1 saat önce

    How manny times that she said the wrd really?

  • M Rose x
    M Rose x 1 saat önce

    Shouldn’t this work with non-coloured / flavoured gelatin? 😮 just thought that’

  • Angel Lejano
    Angel Lejano 2 saat önce

    Chef Alex so bubbly

  • Afifa Nurfajrin
    Afifa Nurfajrin 2 saat önce

    In Indonesia it’s very easy to make that

  • Mary home cooking
    Mary home cooking 2 saat önce

    so nice i love it
    Thanks for sharing❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Hunter Lim
    Hunter Lim 2 saat önce

    You call it
    Agarr agarr
    Asians call it
    A-ga a-ga

  • SyhaDan
    SyhaDan 3 saat önce

    Alex is so Tasty!

  • bridge terabitie
    bridge terabitie 5 saat önce

    What is it agar?

  • Sumit Kumar Gupta
    Sumit Kumar Gupta 7 saat önce

    I love alex

  • huskyfaart
    huskyfaart 7 saat önce

    a little fat alot thicc

  • Almightyy
    Almightyy 8 saat önce

    she so thick 😍

  • Dimagio rp
    Dimagio rp 8 saat önce

    This bitch is fucking annoying, the way she talks shoot me

  • Xxlondon505xx Ddlc fan wolfychu fan BOI

    I think that gurl Is the best

  • Lizzy Daniels
    Lizzy Daniels 9 saat önce

    Alix entertains herself with the food processor

  • 1105dom
    1105dom 10 saat önce

    she kinda sounds like Demi Lovato

  • Crystel The Wolf
    Crystel The Wolf 10 saat önce

    9:07 "what the fuck did i just walk into??"

  • Prophetic Dreams
    Prophetic Dreams 10 saat önce

    "Honestly, I'm pretty happy!" cringing and crying

  • ZELO25
    ZELO25 12 saat önce

    Alix has such a good personality, I wish I could be like her T-T

  • Chloe Nelson
    Chloe Nelson 12 saat önce

    I love her outfits

  • Bella Beaty
    Bella Beaty 12 saat önce

    "the beauty of the syrup "

  • aerik holcombe
    aerik holcombe 13 saat önce

    I know I’m not the only one that thinks Alix is fine asf.

  • Nalee the gamer J
    Nalee the gamer J 13 saat önce

    I love how Alix laughs

  • Forever Luci
    Forever Luci 13 saat önce


  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi 14 saat önce

    Drop top

  • ZoraVEVO
    ZoraVEVO 14 saat önce

    it took her 5 days to make jello

  • CV Robson
    CV Robson 15 saat önce

    "Wain-drop" 😂😂

  • SuperSavvySarah
    SuperSavvySarah 17 saat önce

    I love Rie and Alix

  • HufflepuffBadger
    HufflepuffBadger 17 saat önce

    REALLY want to puncture it rn

  • Mrs. Spiderman
    Mrs. Spiderman 17 saat önce

    Tasty videos always look so simple and easy. It's nice to see they are struggling too, makes me feel less like a loser

  • Mr Tofu
    Mr Tofu 19 saat önce

    Alix:it’s not that hard to find agar agar

    But then she go finds it....

    Does 3 stores seem easy to any of you?

  • Max Fisher
    Max Fisher 20 saat önce

    Alex's body is such a goal.

  • Summaiya Saleem
    Summaiya Saleem 23 saat önce

    She is the Most entertaining and enthusiastic person from tasty.. Love her and wud love to see more of her

  • hannah z
    hannah z 23 saat önce

    why do I love alix??😂

  • Kai_ Playzz
    Kai_ Playzz 1 gün önce

    the tap water tasted too metallic

  • DumbTuber
    DumbTuber 1 gün önce

    The guy @11:35, has he appeared in buzzfeed videos b4 ? 🤔

  • Aurelia TV
    Aurelia TV 1 gün önce

    Agar-agar is indonesian it's mean jelly

  • Elisa Hatrick
    Elisa Hatrick 1 gün önce

    She so happy al the time! When she’s happy I’m 😊