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"Attack On Press Freedom": Journalism Watchdog On Reliance Suing NDTVNDTV
1 gün önce
The Committee to Protect Journalists, a global journalism watchdog, has called Anil Ambani's Reliance Group suing NDTV for its reportage on the Rafale fighter ...
Journalism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)LastWeekTonight
2 yıl önce
The newspaper industry is suffering. That's bad news for journalists — both real and fictional. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last ...
6 ay önce
Subscribe to this channel! ▻▻ Open for more info: Twitter: Instagram: ...
Fake news and the future of journalism | Robert Hernandez | TEDxKCTEDx Talks
1 yıl önce
What is real? What is fake? Certainly where you stand colors your answer. But what if you could be fooled, tricked by a special interest or simply trolled?
How The 21st Century Changed JournalismNowThis World
3 yıl önce
How DNA Freed This Inmate After 37 Years » Subscribe to NowThis World: Studies estimate that ...
జర్నలిస్ట్ గా మారిన పవన్ || Pawan Turn Into Journalistjournalist sai
1 gün önce
జర్నలిస్ట్ గా మారిన పవన్ || Pawan Turn Into Journalist.
The Power of Digital Journalism | Anita Li | TEDxDistilleryDistrictWomenTEDx Talks
3 yıl önce
Anita is an editor at Mashable, and founder of The Other Wave, a website that explores film and television from a diverse perspective. She navigates the evolving ...
How Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Went From Missing to ‘Killed’Wall Street Journal
21 saat önce
Representatives of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the U.S. have been at odds about what happened to missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, until Saudi Arabia ...
CAREERS IN JOURNALISM – BA,MA,Mass Communication,Recruitment,Salary Jobs & Careers
3 yıl önce
CAREERS IN JOURNALISM.Go through the career opportunities of JOURNALISM, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The ...
BBC Journalism Skills: Principles of good writing for newsBBC Academy
2 yıl önce
Make sure you have something to say, choose your language carefully, and write clearly and simply. Allan Little is a BBC special correspondent and presenter.
Critics Blast Saudi Arabia’s Explanation Of Journalist’s Death As A Cover-Up | NBC Nightly NewsNBC News
15 saat önce
President Trump called Saudi Arabia's statement on the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi “a good first step,” as protesters demand justice and leaders in the ...
Science Journalism: Crash Course Statistics #11CrashCourse
6 ay önce
We've talked a lot in this series about how often you see data and statistics in the news and on social media - which is ALL THE TIME! But how do you know who ...
How Is Social Media Changing Journalism?The Atlantic
4 yıl önce
At this year's Aspen Ideas Festival, we asked a group of media professionals to discuss how new platforms are transforming radio, TV, print, and digital. "I have ...
BBC Journalism Trainee Scheme 2017: Become a news journalist at the BBCBBC Academy
1 yıl önce
The Journalism Trainee Scheme is the flagship journalism entry and training scheme run by the BBC Academy. Many of the journalists we have trained are ...
Getting Started as a Game Journalist - Practice, Prepare, and Pitch - Extra CreditsExtra Credits
1 yıl önce
So you want to be a game journalist! Where to start? Freelancer Rob Rath shares his experience and advice, from practicing writing on a personal blog to ...
The Future of Journalism: Tom Rosenstiel at TEDxAtlantaTEDx Talks
5 yıl önce
About This Talk When Tom Rosenstiel is asked, "Has digital technology made journalism worse or better?" he has a quick answer: "Yes." In this talk, he explores ...
Thinking about a career in journalism?NDTV
9 yıl önce
What does a career in journalism entail? Be it radio or TV, know all that you need to know about this dynamic field of broadcasting...
How to get into Fashion Journalism with Alexa Chung | Future of Fashion | British VogueBritish Vogue
2 yıl önce
In this very special episode of her documentary on the future of fashion, Alexa Chung goes behind the scenes of the fashion bible itself, to examine just how to ...
Jamal Khashoggi case: Saudi Arabia says journalist killed in fight - BBC NewsBBC News
1 gün önce
Journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a fight in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the country's state TV reports, quoting an initial inquiry. Deputy intelligence ...
Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism Trailer | Official TrailerMasterClass
11 ay önce
Learn more about Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism: Learn about researching, interviewing, and ethical ...
Why I Chose PR + Journalism | How to Choose Your MajorNatalie Barbu
1 yıl önce
This video I bring on my friend, Grace Lee, and she talks about why she chose to be a PR/ Journalism major at UNC and she also shares some of her tips on ...
TEDxPresidio - Robert Rosenthal - Investigative journalism in the 21st CenturyTEDx Talks
7 yıl önce
Before joining CIR in January of 2008 Rosenthal had done pretty much everything that could be done done in a newspaper: copy-boy, reporter, foreign ...
Is Journalism a Good Major?ENGINEERED TRUTH
4 yıl önce
Is majoring in Journalism a good idea? Is majoring in journalism worth it? Gary Vaynerchuk Music by CMA ...
Vendetta Journalism: A Rantfantano
1 yıl önce
Earlier this week, Consequence of Sound released a review of the new Tyler, the Creator album that read less like a critique of the album's musical content, and ...
A Crash Course in Breitbart’s Conspiracy Journalism, Pt. 1 - The Opposition w/ Jordan KlepperThe Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
9 ay önce
Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii meets with experts in Twin Falls, ID, to find out whether the town is being terrorized by marauding refugees. Watch full episodes of ...
Laura Ingraham: Journalism RIPFox News
1 ay önce
The once revered New York Times has now become nothing more than a rumor mill when it comes to reporting on the Trump administration. FOX News Channel ...
Careers and Salaries in JournalismCareers and Money
1 yıl önce
CAREERS AND SALARIES IN JOURNALISM For a detailed article visit: For more useful articles: ...
The Impact of Twitter on Journalism | Off Book | PBS Digital StudiosPBSoffbook
5 yıl önce
Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you ) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: The world of journalism has ...
Study with Me | JournalismShe Meets City
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Citizen journalism | Paul Lewis | TEDxThessalonikiTEDx Talks
7 yıl önce
Journalist Paul Lewis talks about new media, citizen journalism. and how he has used social media to investigate two murders. He also talks about the new level ...
Salaries in Journalism in HindiCareers and Money
1 yıl önce
Salaries in Journalism MY VIDEO MAKING GEAR • Cameras Canon, Sony: • Camera of Mobile Phone Samsung: ...
Smartphone journalism: VideosBBC Academy
2 yıl önce
Taking pictures on your smartphone is quick and easy. Our expert Marc Settle gives tips on how to use an iPhone running iOS 9, or other mobile phones, to take ...
BBC Journalism Skills: Interviewing techniquesBBC Academy
2 yıl önce
"An engaging interview is essentially a good conversation. It's as simple as that," says Peter Allen who co-presents Drive on BBC Radio 5 Live. Subscribe: ...
Journalism Ethics & RulesMark Grabowski
9 yıl önce
Basic ethical rules for journalism course. For more video lessons, visit
Laughter as Trump lauds politician's body slam of Guardian journalistGuardian News
2 gün önce
The US president draws laughter at a Montana rally with advice to 'never wrestle' local Congressman Gianforte, who in 2017 assaulted a Guardian reporter.
CAREERS IN BA JOURNALISM – MA,P.Hd,Journalist,Institutions,Job Opportunities,Salary Jobs & Careers
3 yıl önce
CAREERS IN BA JOURNALISM .Go through the career opportunities of BA JOURNALISM, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from ...
Journalism 101: How to write a leadMark Grabowski
6 yıl önce
Journalism Professor Mark Grabowski explains how to write good leads for your stories. This 30-minute lesson covers summary leads, delayed identification ...
How to restore trust in Journalism | Ann Curry | TEDxPortlandTEDx Talks
4 ay önce
Journalism is a noble calling and the credibility of the profession is at stake. Today, there is weaponization of information and it is dividing us. Ann Curry ...
What is journalism?Jennie Dear
5 yıl önce
A humorous take on a serious issue: What does it mean to be a journalist in the age of the Internet and social media? The star player, an Underwood typewriter, ...
Columbia Journalism School 2018 Graduation - Ira GlassColumbia Journalism School
5 ay önce
This ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of the graduating students from Columbia Journalism School. Students' names are read as they process across ...
The slow journalism revolution | Rob Orchard | TEDxMadridTEDx Talks
4 yıl önce
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. News journalism has changed fundamentally in the last 20 years.
Think Like A Journalist | Kelsey Samuels | TEDxPlanoTEDx Talks
1 yıl önce
Journalists have a unique skill set in an era of fake news and echo chambers. Kelsey Samuels asks the question, “What if I'm wrong?” Kelsey Samuels is no ...
The Future of News: Journalism in a Post-Truth EraHarvard University
1 yıl önce
Tuesday, January 31, 4–6 pm., Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. Co-sponsored by the Office of the President, the Nieman Foundation for ...
The 5 Core Values of JournalismEthical Journalism Network
3 yıl önce
The EJN Director describes the five values which are the foundation of ethical journalism.
Citizen Journalism is Reshaping the World: Brian Conley at TEDxMidAtlanticTEDx Talks
5 yıl önce
Brian Conley is director of Small World News and has been involved in media literacy and media democracy work for more than ten years and has trained ...
What Is Investigative Journalism? - David KaplanGlobal Investigative Journalism Network
8 ay önce
What exactly is investigative journalism? Although definitions vary, professional journalists are in broad agreement about investigative reporting's main features, ...
A Crash Course in Breitbart’s Conspiracy Journalism, Pt. 2 - The Opposition w/ Jordan KlepperThe Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper
9 ay önce
Citizen journalism school graduate Kobi Libii sits down with alt-media expert Lee Stranahan to learn the ropes about Breitbart's signature style of reporting.
Tips from Bob Woodward on Investigative JournalismWashington Post
9 yıl önce
Bob Woodward explains the three ways journalists get their information and comments on the future of in-depth journalism in the digital age. Subscribe to ...
'Journalism was her life': Daphne Caruana Galizia's family speak outThe Guardian
6 ay önce
Six months after the anti-corruption journalist was killed by a car bomb near her home in Malta, Caruana Galizia's husband and adult children speak for the first ...