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An Honest Update on Clevver/DEFY...Joslyn Davis
4 hafta önce
WOW what a week, and what a way to launch my personal YouTube channel?!?! That being said: HELLO, WELCOME. I'm sorry the circumstance are not great, ...
Trying Delicious Desserts from Milk Bar (Cheat Day)Clevver Style
2 gün önce
The dessert gods have #blessed us! New York's famous hot spot - Momofuku's Milk Bar - has finally come to Los Angeles!!! SUBSCRIBE to CLEVVER STYLE ...
We Made Our Own Custom Foundation! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
3 gün önce
We found out that Lancôme offers shade matching custom foundation at Nordstrom, so we had to go check it out! SUBSCRIBE! Help us hit 3 Million!
Southern Foods from our Childhood! (Cheat Day)Clevver Style
1 hafta önce
Get ready to watch Erin & Emile take a walk down memory lane! Well, it's less walking & more eating... But today on Cheat Day, we dig in to SOUTHERN FOODS ...
What Happened To Clevver/DEFY + Why I Left...Lily Marston
4 hafta önce
THANK U, NEXT Well... it has been a WEEK if i've ever seen one. This was not really the plan I had for my first video back after a 2.5 year hiatus but HERE WE ...
3 ay önce
WATCH PART 2 ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ▻▻ There aren't a whole lot of ways to explain this ...
11 90's Sitcoms We Loved (Throwback)ClevverTV
2 yıl önce
For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ The 90s were the best time for sitcoms and we are going through some of our favorites on Throwback! Friends ...
Best Friends SWAP LIVES for a Day!Clevver Style
6 ay önce
Thanks to Nair Hair Removal for sponsoring this episode. Click here to learn how to Free Your Most Beautiful Self! It's time to swap 6 daily ...
Testing Kardashian Endorsed Products (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
The Kardashians & Jenners endorse a lot of crazy products in their commercials and Instagram ads…but do they REALLY use them? SUBSCRIBE for MORE ...
10 Years of Clevver in 10 Minutes!Clevver Style
7 ay önce
From a garage in East LA to a studio in Beverly Hills…thank you for being part of the Clevver journey since 2008! Here's how it began (and all the places it's ...
Best Friends Dress Like TWINS for a Week! (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
5 ay önce
TWINNING!! Joslyn & Lily wear matching outfits (from different decades of fashion) every day for a week because the friends that stay dress together, STAY ...
We Had a Theme Park ALL TO OURSELVES?! (Lunchy Break)Clevver Style
6 ay önce
The only dive coaster on the West Coast and the only thing that'll get us up at 6AM! We got to be one of the FIRST PEOPLE in the park & some of the FIRST ...
3 ay önce
Shopping for Our Dream Wedding Dress (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
I feel like a cupcake.” It's the special day we've all been waiting for – the #Erly wedding!! But first, we need some dresses. SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ...
11 ay önce
"If Jesus could make a would be this." SUBSCRIBE for MORE food adventures & challenges ▻▻ Be prepared to drool!
Ikea Food TASTE TEST! (Cheat Day)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
After shopping for cheap home furniture with impossible-to-pronounce names, nothing hits the spot more than Swedish meatballs. SUBSCRIBE for MORE food ...
Best & Worst Dressed 2018 MTV VMAs (Dirty Laundry)Clevver Style
3 ay önce
SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ▻▻ From Camila to Cardi B, we're reviewing the best & worst fashion from this years MTV VMA's.
6 INSANE Heart Attack Grill Menu Items (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
2 yıl önce
WATCH LAST WEEK'S EPISODE AKA THE EASY BAKE OVEN ▻▻ For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ Today ...
Trying FLOATING Yoga?! (Get Jacked)ClevverTV
1 yıl önce
Thanks again to MetroPCS for partnering with us on this episode. Click the link below for more information about MetroPCS, to enjoy a network more reliable ...
12 Weird Things to Use in BED!! (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
1 hafta önce
This is the comfiest episode we have ever done, so we really hope you demand a Part 2! Today on Beauty Break, we try the best pillows and blankets on the ...
Divas You Used to Love (And Still Do) - ThrowbackClevverTV
2 yıl önce
For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ What exactly is a diva? We break down some of the best divas from the past and more. Mariah Carey Christina ...
Important Clevver UpdateClevver Style
3 hafta önce
In these wild & crazy times, wouldn't it be fun to hit 3 million subs!?! SUBSCRIBE! ▻▻ And for more Clevver - ...
FRIENDS Food Taste Test! (Cheat Day)Clevver Style
3 ay önce
The One with a taste test of EVERY iconic food from the TV show “Friends” (from the Moistmaker to the Floor Cheesecake to Rachel's Trifle!) So no one told you ...
Trying On Kardashian Outfits from Fashion NovaClevver Style
1 ay önce
We could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit.” From perfect copies of their red carpet dresses to their actual jeans & rompers, we tried every Kardashian ...
My First Time Doing It! (Throwback)ClevverTV
1 yıl önce
For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ In today's episode the Clevver cast discuss their momentous "first time" here on Throwback! Talk to the cast ...
Trying Celebs' FAVORITE Foods! (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
1 yıl önce
This episode is brought to you by T-Mobile. Buy one of the season's hottest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, get a second one free to gift. Only at T-Mobile.
Harry Potter Foods w/ LAURA MARANO (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
2 yıl önce
We Dressed Like Riverdale Characters for a DayClevver Style
1 ay önce
Welcome to Riverdale High, where the students are unrealistically good looking and there's more murders than math tests. If you're a weird weirdo like us, ...
12 Disney Channel Original Movies That Made Your Childhood (Throwback)ClevverTV
2 yıl önce
Diss Track: Miley vs Nicki ▻▻ For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ Disney Channel just released their 100th Disney ...
7 RIVERDALE Themed Diner Foods (Cheat Day)Clevver Style
8 ay önce
We got cravings for milkshakes…and Cole Sprouse. SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ▻▻ Watch last week's episode AKA Grilled ...
Best & Worst Dressed 2018 Emmys (Dirty Laundry)Clevver Style
2 ay önce
The 70th Emmy Awards happened last night and all our favorite TV stars came to celebrate - it's time to review the best & worst fashion from the red carpet!
We Lived Like Kardashians For a DayClevver Style
1 ay önce
We did everything the Kardashians & Jenners do for a full 24 hours – from Kim K's signature facial & workout, to reliving Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday, to getting ...
Tasting The Most EXPENSIVE Mexican Cocktails in CaboClevverTV
4 ay önce
We went to the trendiest bar in Cabo to taste 7 of their most expensive cocktails! For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ ...
Food From YOUR Childhood!? (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
9 ay önce
Cheat Day is MOVING!! Check out our first episode on ClevverStyle this FRIDAY!! Subscribe now ▻▻ Childhood Foods PT 1 ...
Best & Worst Dressed 2018 Teen Choice Awards (Dirty Laundry)Clevver Style
3 ay önce
From Lili Reinhart to Lauren Jauregui, we're reviewing the best & worst fashion from the 2018 Teen Choice Awards red carpet - right here on Dirty Laundry!
Extra vs. Basic: Girls Try Making CheeseboardsClevverTV
4 ay önce
We would happily eat both platters, TBH. For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ Starring: ...
Best & Worst Dressed 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards (Dirty Laundry)Clevver Style
5 ay önce
From Kim Kardashian's braids to Tiffany Haddish's hosting dress, we're reviewing the best & worst fashion from the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet ...
6 LIFECHANGING Cinnamon Rolls (Cheat Day)ClevverTV
2 yıl önce
WATCH LAST WEEK'S EPISODE AKA 90s FOODS ▻▻ For more ClevverTV shows ▻▻ ...
Recreating BENTO BOXES from Instagram! (What the Flavor)Clevver Style
3 ay önce
Today's episode is brought to you by Boost Mobile. Find out how to Switch and get more Gigs for your buck - Too adorable to ...
Recreating Kardashian Instagram PhotosClevver Style
1 ay önce
We copied the most iconic & weirdest Kardashian Instagram photos (like, literally) with the help of some meditative breathing, wig snatching, and Bridget's dog.
Best & Worst Dressed AMAs 2018 (Dirty Laundry)Clevver Style
2 ay önce
SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ▻▻ From Cardi B to Taylor Swift, we're reviewing all the best & worst celebrity outfits from this ...
YouTubers SWAP LIVES for a Day?!Clevver Style
6 ay önce
Thanks to Nair Hair Removal for sponsoring this episode. Click here to learn how to Free Your Most Beautiful Self! Goodbye Kardashians, ...
Reacting to Our FIRST Video Together! (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
3 ay önce
IT'S THE 300TH(-ISH) EPISODE OF BEAUTY BREAK!! Join us on a trip down memory lane as we react to some old & cringy videos and revisit the not-so-simpler ...
Korean Food Tour at KCON!Clevver Style
3 ay önce
Today on Lunchy Break, we're stopping by KCON LOS ANGELES (AKA the convention dedicated to Korean culture, music, and food!) and giving you a street ...