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Trying the Best Celebrity Recipes - Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen, OprahClevver Style
2 saat önce
As you try to figure out what to cook this holiday season, Clevver Style is here to recommend our favorite celebrities' favorite recipes! SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE ...
What Happened To Clevver/DEFY + Why I Left...Lily Marston
1 ay önce
THANK U, NEXT Well... it has been a WEEK if i've ever seen one. This was not really the plan I had for my first video back after a 2.5 year hiatus but HERE WE ...
We Made Our Own Custom Foundation! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
5 gün önce
We found out that Lancôme offers shade matching custom foundation at Nordstrom, so we had to go check it out! SUBSCRIBE! Help us hit 3 Million!
An Honest Update on Clevver/DEFY...Joslyn Davis
4 hafta önce
WOW what a week, and what a way to launch my personal YouTube channel?!?! That being said: HELLO, WELCOME. I'm sorry the circumstance are not great, ...
We Lived Like Kardashians For a DayClevver Style
1 ay önce
We did everything the Kardashians & Jenners do for a full 24 hours – from Kim K's signature facial & workout, to reliving Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday, to getting ...
Shopping for Our Dream Wedding Dress (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
I feel like a cupcake.” It's the special day we've all been waiting for – the #Erly wedding!! But first, we need some dresses. SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ...
Trying Delicious Desserts from Milk Bar (Cheat Day)Clevver Style
4 gün önce
The dessert gods have #blessed us! New York's famous hot spot - Momofuku's Milk Bar - has finally come to Los Angeles!!! SUBSCRIBE to CLEVVER STYLE ...
Trying the FISH PEDICURE in Mexico?!Clevver Style
5 ay önce
Hardest Try Not to Laugh challenge EVER. We finally tried the professional version of the Fish Pedicure AKA the beauty treatment that literally lets fish eat dead ...
We Got Makeovers at the TOO FACED Headquarters!! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
2 hafta önce
We can officially say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Special thanks to the folks at Too Faced for giving us this exclusive gingerbread makeover experience and for actually ...
We Dressed Like Riverdale Characters for a DayClevver Style
2 ay önce
Welcome to Riverdale High, where the students are unrealistically good looking and there's more murders than math tests. If you're a weird weirdo like us, ...
Testing Kardashian Endorsed Products (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
The Kardashians & Jenners endorse a lot of crazy products in their commercials and Instagram ads…but do they REALLY use them? SUBSCRIBE for MORE ...
LEARNING TO TWERK (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
2 yıl önce
Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry Diss Track! ▻▻ Watch last week's episode aka PARASAILING ▻▻ ...
12 Weird Things to Use in BED!! (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
1 hafta önce
This is the comfiest episode we have ever done, so we really hope you demand a Part 2! Today on Beauty Break, we try the best pillows and blankets on the ...
3 ay önce
Getting a Full Body Scrub with a GIANT LOOFA?!? (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
5 ay önce
Exfoliate? How about exLOOFAHiate. This “Hunter's Retreat” spa treatment uses wheat stalks to create a GIANT, human-size loofah sponge. Scrub-a-dub-dub!
INSANE Baby Foot Peel (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
2 yıl önce
BUY Baby Foot from Joyus HERE ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty WEIRDNESS ...
Amazon Swimsuits Under $20! – Summer 2018 Try-On Haul (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
5 ay önce
We love thrifty fashion and we love Amazon…but online shopping for clothes is HARD, y'all!! That's why we are trying on swimsuits we bought online (ALL $20 ...
Best Friends SWAP LIVES for a Day!Clevver Style
6 ay önce
Thanks to Nair Hair Removal for sponsoring this episode. Click here to learn how to Free Your Most Beautiful Self! It's time to swap 6 daily ...
Trying the 10-Step Korean Contour Facial! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
5 ay önce
We're back at the Tikkun Holistic Spa to try their NEW facial that combines 10 STEPS of Korean skincare into one! The treatment uses a contouring facial ...
NAKED MUD WRAPS! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
2 yıl önce
Watch last week's episode aka CELEB FACIALS ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty WEIRDNESS ▻▻ ...
We Had a Theme Park ALL TO OURSELVES?! (Lunchy Break)Clevver Style
6 ay önce
The only dive coaster on the West Coast and the only thing that'll get us up at 6AM! We got to be one of the FIRST PEOPLE in the park & some of the FIRST ...
Treating Acne & Blackheads w/ NURSE JAMIE (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
3 ay önce
Celebrity skincare expert Nurse Jamie (who's treated everyone from the Kardashians to Jessica Alba) shows us how she gets rid of acne with a facial that ...
Trying On Kardashian Outfits from Fashion NovaClevver Style
1 ay önce
We could buy designer but this Fashion Nova fit.” From perfect copies of their red carpet dresses to their actual jeans & rompers, we tried every Kardashian ...
Getting Our Bones CRACKED at the Chiropractor! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
1 yıl önce
Check out our new show DUDE VIEW! ▻▻ Go on the road with us - new episodes of BEAUTY TRIPPIN every Thursday!
Getting an INSTANT FACELIFT w/ Nurse Jamie (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
3 ay önce
This is like Pilates for your face.” SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty & weirdness ▻▻ Watch last week's Beauty Trippin AKA Treating ...
Full Face of Beauty Guru Tutorials (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
3 hafta önce
We've taken a BREAK, and now we're back for more BEAUTY! (Kinda back, Mostly back, Really really hoping to be permanently back soon!!!) In today's episode ...
Full Body of GLITTER?! – 100th Beauty TrippinClevver Style
6 ay önce
IT'S THE 100TH EPISODE OF BEAUTY TRIPPIN!!! We HAD to go big! The artists at Go Get Glitter came all the way from the UK to celebrate and paint us in a ...
We Tried the MEDITATION Manicure! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
Meditate while getting your nails done at the salon that combines mani-pedis with guided meditation. Feeling relaxed yet?? SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ...
Getting a HOT STONE MASSAGE for the First Time?! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
5 ay önce
Today Erin gets a nice, relaxing massage…with hot stones?!?! This Swedish massage technique uses heated VOLCANIC rocks (AKA "basalt") for ultimate ...
Eating Edible Beauty Products (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
2 yıl önce
Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry Diss Track! ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty WEIRDNESS ▻▻ Watch ...
7 Hacks for Lazy People to Avoid Showering (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
9 ay önce
Woke up late & need to get ready fast? Traveling? Camping? Hair too greasy? Or, y'know, just generally too lazy to shower?! Not only do we relate…WE GOT ...
Sensory Deprivation Tanks?! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
2 yıl önce
Watch last week's episode aka MERMAIDS ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty WEIRDNESS ...
5 Creepy Colored Contact Lenses for HALLOWEEN (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
3 yıl önce
Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry Diss Track! ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty WEIRDNESS ▻▻ Watch ...
10 Weirdest Halloween Costumes on Amazon (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
We tried the best (and weirdest) 2018 Halloween costumes on Amazon so you don't have to! SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ▻▻ ...
Getting the VACUUM Butt Lift?! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
4 ay önce
Can vacuum therapy give you a bigger butt? We tried the nonsurgical treatment that raises, lifts, tones, and sculpts the behind with nothing but SUCTION CUPS.
We Visited the Hello Kitty CaféClevver Style
1 ay önce
You had us at Hello. We visited America's first official Hello Kitty Grand Café to try all the super cute (and super pink) Sanrio-themed sweets on their menu!
Getting ELECTRO Acupuncture! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
2 ay önce
And you thought traditional acupuncture needles were freaky? We tried the treatment with an ELECTRIFYING twist on the ancient Chinese therapy used for pain ...
I Can't Adult Today - Official Music VideoClevver Style
1 ay önce
Our last video... for now...
Joslyn Delivers Her Sister’s Baby!!! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
1 yıl önce
SUBSCRIBE for MORE ▻▻ Joslyn and her sister, Alison, get a little lesson on HOW TO GIVE BIRTH! The training is mostly for ...
Trying the Kardashians’ Favorite FoodsClevver Style
1 ay önce
Looks like we've been eating Lucky Charms and Kit Kats wrong all our life… SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ▻▻ Watch Pt 1 ...
We Tried ASMR for the First Time (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
1 ay önce
The following video contains tapping, scratching, and lots of weird noises from Joslyn's mouth. Listener discretion is advised. SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ...
3 ay önce
WATCH PART 2 ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ▻▻ There aren't a whole lot of ways to explain this ...
Testing TRAVEL HACKS at the Airport!Clevver Style
5 ay önce
Sometimes life hacks are useful…sometimes, not so much. On our way to Cabo, we decided to test the internet's WEIRDEST traveling hacks & tips for luggage, ...
BEST MASSAGE EVER?! (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
2 yıl önce
Watch last week's episode aka BLOOD FACIAL ▻▻ SUBSCRIBE for MORE beauty WEIRDNESS ...
Learning to do Braids & Cornrows on Natural Hair (Beauty Trippin)Clevver Style
4 ay önce
It's Natural Hair 101: everything you wanted to know and understand about black hair styling (but maybe didn't want to ask). Learn how Drew's Afro (AKA Zelda) ...
Erin Reacts To Anesthesia (It Got Real Episode 5)Clevver Style
1 yıl önce
SUBSCRIBE for MORE ▻▻ Tune in to Clevver's Facebook on Thursday, May 25th at 3 pm for a Live Q & A with Erin & Matt to ...
10 WEIRD Car Accessories From Amazon?! (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
2 ay önce
Straighten your hair, brew some coffee, and even throw a party on-the-go with these strange but handy CAR GADGETS!! SUBSCRIBE for MORE weirdness ...
Full Head of Glitter CHALLENGE (Beauty Break)Clevver Style
1 yıl önce
VALIDATE US & SUBSCRIBE for MORE ▻▻ In today's episode of Beauty Break, Joslyn helps Lily recreate a look by Bella Hadid ...