Bad Lip Reading
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  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 9 ay önce

    i will be coming back great work!

  • gleamingflower
    gleamingflower 5 yıl önce

    You should do one for The Walking Dead, please!

  • DollieDaydreamXX
    DollieDaydreamXX 5 yıl önce

    you should do a bad lip reading for harry potter and pirates of the caribean

  • Brandosify
    Brandosify 5 yıl önce

    Do The View. Would love to see what they could be saying. Or Oscars speeches!!

  • GooCH9
    GooCH9 5 yıl önce

    more BLR plz!

  • moloha95
    moloha95 5 yıl önce

    Where did Taylor Swift song go? D:

  • Pierce Peel
    Pierce Peel 5 yıl önce

    NBA bad lip reading???

  • TPV Productions
    TPV Productions 5 yıl önce

    Scream 1996 nuff said......

  • Kristine A
    Kristine A 5 yıl önce

    NFL was the best - so MORE SPORTS!! NBA for sure, and March Madness coming up would be sweet.

  • JunkieKit
    JunkieKit 5 yıl önce

    CAN U PLZ DO AVENGERS!? plzz :D i <3 u

  • Greg McCauley
    Greg McCauley 5 yıl önce

    These are HILARIOUS! Harry Potter would be an awesome addition to the collection.. Xmen might be just as funny too?

  • josh dalton
    josh dalton 5 yıl önce

    PLEASE GOD MAKE ONE FOR PRETTY IN girlfriend thinks it would be epic, as it is one of her favorite movies.

  • Loyola Less
    Loyola Less 5 yıl önce

    Walking Dead.... Carl is getting made fun of soon..

    MEEETH 5 yıl önce

    you guys should try the walking dead cx

  • Anthony Marshall
    Anthony Marshall 5 yıl önce

    since the NFL one was such a big hit you should do other sport ones. i think NBA would be pretty funny

  • Tor
    Tor 5 yıl önce

    Get yer POPE TARTS! Hot fresh, delicious Pope Tarts @ me channel

  • shibbyguy420
    shibbyguy420 5 yıl önce

    I peed. I hope you're happy. Also, do some news clips.

  • Shannon Bidwell
    Shannon Bidwell 5 yıl önce

    HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 777Lukyman777
    777Lukyman777 5 yıl önce


  • Vidiots SHMOJ
    Vidiots SHMOJ 5 yıl önce

    PLEASE DO A HARRY POTTER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  • BajkonurBobby
    BajkonurBobby 5 yıl önce

    Oh please please please pretty pretty please do a really nice and cute version or something of a Die Antwoord - song. Pa-leeeeeze?????

  • MemeQueen
    MemeQueen 5 yıl önce

    Do SMOSH!!

  • asdfghjkl9260
    asdfghjkl9260 5 yıl önce

    you know these things stopped being fun a long time ago?

  • kxmode
    kxmode 5 yıl önce

    Why are your music videos getting taken down? Those record execs have no rights to take it down! Your work is comedy spoof and is protected under the first amendment.

  • mrpeterpan 56
    mrpeterpan 56 5 yıl önce


  • ss
    ss 5 yıl önce

    This is GENIUS

  • Hitsu123
    Hitsu123 5 yıl önce

    Walking Dead is requested a lot because you can do a good Rick.

  • Sarah Briggs
    Sarah Briggs 5 yıl önce

    Your stuff is great and it would be amazing if you could send me the instrumental of "morning dew"? i want to write lyrics to it for my own use, no copyright or use towards anything else. im just a loser in my room who likes the beat and i am just wondering. thank you :)

  • Daiterian
    Daiterian 5 yıl önce

    Could you add subtitles to the readings please? =)

  • OutOfSkool TV
    OutOfSkool TV 5 yıl önce

    Hello, I saw your channel and im loving it :-) check out my channel, leave any feedback thanks and have an awesome day!!!

  • Meg K
    Meg K 5 yıl önce

    Awesome work! You guys should do the Super bowl and Breaking Dawn

  • Alex T
    Alex T 5 yıl önce

    fucking ripoff of DJO

  • f0k0f
    f0k0f 5 yıl önce

    Do inception..i want to see leonardo with his small eyes!

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis 5 yıl önce

    Wait, dont you guys do HISHE??

  • Tia Preller
    Tia Preller 5 yıl önce

    Do a Pitch Perfect one!!

  • Daxter Power-Pulse
    Daxter Power-Pulse 5 yıl önce

    Super bowl!

  • Anaa Bananers
    Anaa Bananers 5 yıl önce

    Walking dead!

  • Midna Chain
    Midna Chain 5 yıl önce

    Hi!!! I would really like it if you made a bad lip reading of The Lord of the Rings. (just sayin') :)

  • PrankerDemon
    PrankerDemon 5 yıl önce

    Taylor Swift Rockin all night long, taken down by UMG. You should host an alternative website for those videos YouTube screws over. I never got to see that one for Nicki Minaj

  • Lauren Brow
    Lauren Brow 5 yıl önce

    u should do percy jackson and the olympians

  • Meghan Ross
    Meghan Ross 5 yıl önce

    Did you take down that rocking all nite video?

  • Sam Goldstone
    Sam Goldstone 5 yıl önce

    best youtube channel ever

  • sveta88m
    sveta88m 5 yıl önce

    you guys r awesome lol!

  • Lauren Rabeaux
    Lauren Rabeaux 5 yıl önce

    Walking Dead bad lip reading PLEASEEE!

  • alfazpro
    alfazpro 5 yıl önce

    A Bad Lip Reading of Piers Morgan Tonight could be funny.

  • TheGriff Cannon
    TheGriff Cannon 5 yıl önce

    are we working on one for the state of the union? that would be epic

  • Comrade Fewkes
    Comrade Fewkes 5 yıl önce

    Do the Walking Dead

  • Bane
    Bane 5 yıl önce

    You should "Gangnam Style - A Bad Lip Readin" because alot people keep thinking he's saying "Open Condom Star" instead of "Oppa Gangnam Style"

  • Bacon Loverz
    Bacon Loverz 5 yıl önce

    I moo

  • veggiet2009
    veggiet2009 5 yıl önce

    I like the sound of a state of the union blr

  • Tatiana Torres
    Tatiana Torres 5 yıl önce

    Where is "Rockin All Nite Long???!!!" :(

  • Videocommentando
    Videocommentando 5 yıl önce


  • xxAnimeObsessedxx
    xxAnimeObsessedxx 5 yıl önce

    OH... Boondock Saints!!

  • xxAnimeObsessedxx
    xxAnimeObsessedxx 5 yıl önce

    Please BLR the Walking Dead!!! >_<

  • Emily Winterstein
    Emily Winterstein 5 yıl önce

    Please do a lip reading of the Superbowl or the commercials!!!

  • Meggielulu98
    Meggielulu98 5 yıl önce

    You should do an asdf movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • salena97202
    salena97202 5 yıl önce

    Please do Brad Pitt's Chanel commercial, and definitely more football.

  • Ben Kelley
    Ben Kelley 5 yıl önce

    Movie 43, the movie was hiarlious, though some people didn't like it or get it.

  • Bettina Burgess
    Bettina Burgess 5 yıl önce


  • Luxury Brands
    Luxury Brands 5 yıl önce

    Do The Super Bowl.

  • Mario Herrera
    Mario Herrera 5 yıl önce

    hey BLR u should do a clip from NBA i bet i u guys would do it hilarious

  • Tim
    Tim 5 yıl önce

    I would love to see The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, and Glee.

  • Ben Scott
    Ben Scott 5 yıl önce

    Super Bowl

    SLYDER 5 yıl önce

    Please do Super Bowl!!

  • SamVision
    SamVision 5 yıl önce

    You're just a gay ripoff of DJO

  • R8mo3
    R8mo3 5 yıl önce

    Man Superbowl please lol Mad desperate for it i couldnt wait to check it out in hopes you would have it same day i know u no miracle worker lol but man u gotta do it but take ya time and do em gooooood lol #TeamFuckTheWorld like im rabbit hahahaha

    BEARDED LEGEND 5 yıl önce

    DO NBA!!!

  • Anaa Bananers
    Anaa Bananers 5 yıl önce

    Superbowl bad lip reading!!! Please

  • GummyBearWhispers
    GummyBearWhispers 5 yıl önce


  • wiggs16
    wiggs16 5 yıl önce

    can u please make one with alex jones and piers morgan? that would be amazing!!

  • Trevor Waldie
    Trevor Waldie 5 yıl önce

    please make a Superbowl bad lip reading!

    SALEH HiNDi 5 yıl önce

    your so goood please make britney spears version :) love U

  • Kiera Hakaraia
    Kiera Hakaraia 5 yıl önce


  • KeynoArtz
    KeynoArtz 5 yıl önce

    Please do a video whenever of Aaliyah and Beyonce :D <3

  • Bridget Clarice
    Bridget Clarice 5 yıl önce

    harry pooter

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith 5 yıl önce

    You need to do a bad lip reading of anne hathaway singing i dreamed a dream

  • saintdlee
    saintdlee 5 yıl önce

    ***PAY ATTENTION FOLKS*** --- Hands down, yours are some of the best YouTube videos - PERIOD!

  • woods0n81
    woods0n81 5 yıl önce

    great video.. does any one now how to do this i tryed using audacity but cant but a video in it. i i made a video and wanted to change the voice but dont now how with windows movie maker so if any one could help or send a link would be great thanks.

  • Jason Braunskill
    Jason Braunskill 5 yıl önce

    Family feud would be hilarious !!!!

  • Jill Bautista
    Jill Bautista 5 yıl önce

    Love your videos :)

  • Jose Arvizu
    Jose Arvizu 5 yıl önce

    Harry potter

  • Joshua Maddock
    Joshua Maddock 5 yıl önce

    Bad Lip Reading of The Dark Knight Trilogy

  • Eric Figueroa
    Eric Figueroa 5 yıl önce

    A Bad Lip Reading.. El Clasico? :o

  • THEFizzyIssy TV
    THEFizzyIssy TV 5 yıl önce

    HARRY POTTER!! please! :)

  • yungitchywrists
    yungitchywrists 5 yıl önce

    Do another NFL BLR using this upcoming Super Bowl Media Day footage please!!

  • The Azaroster
    The Azaroster 5 yıl önce


  • Melissa Foote
    Melissa Foote 5 yıl önce

    The sports ones by far are theeeee best!!!

  • 4262435
    4262435 5 yıl önce

    We wanna see big bang theory bad lip reading!!!! ;D

  • Fahluv
    Fahluv 5 yıl önce


  • vanna myers
    vanna myers 5 yıl önce

    You should do Doctor Who!!! It would be really fun!!

  • moustiq77
    moustiq77 5 yıl önce

    Please do Alex Jones VS Piers Morgan!

  • cutielf15
    cutielf15 5 yıl önce

    Plz do a blr of the Hobbit! it would mean so much to me cuz I check this channel everyday to see if you have done it! but i still enjoy the others..I actually have peed my pants twice watching them they are soooo funny! thxs for making them ~Jaelynn~

  • Bridget Young
    Bridget Young 5 yıl önce

    You guys should do a blr of glee

  • Morganucadon
    Morganucadon 5 yıl önce

    :D you should do the Hobbit XD that would be awesome

  • Jeremiah baldwin
    Jeremiah baldwin 5 yıl önce

    This is soo funny, love the NFL one.... you need to do more NFL ones there the best

  • sXeGod
    sXeGod 5 yıl önce

    lol, nice videos.

  • Alys Browning
    Alys Browning 5 yıl önce

    Really want a Les Mis Bad Lip Reading. It would be perfect.

  • Audrey Johnson
    Audrey Johnson 5 yıl önce

    You guys should do the "Mean Girls" movie bad lip reading

  • Adam Hibarrer
    Adam Hibarrer 5 yıl önce

    Check out my channel. I do gaming commentaries

  • Grace Marr
    Grace Marr 5 yıl önce

    Please do another NFL one those are the best